FIELD Immersion

By deploying the “knowing by doing” pedagogical model, FIELD Immersion is a course designed to develop students’ ability to manage differences and operate effectively across cultures and business contexts.

This course meets periodically throughout the Spring term and culminates in an eight-day immersion in May.

Students will develop skills in:

  • Contextual intelligence - understanding historical, cultural, and socioeconomic trends, and the saliency of culture, race, class, religion, politics, and regionalism in general management decision-making processes.
  • Team effectiveness - leveraging their experiences in other RC course work, students will work to design, launch, and manage their teams making explicit choices about team design, norms, and processes.
  • Design thinking - through partnerships with small and medium sized companies in fifteen different cities, student-led teams will work closely with local businesses and communities to develop customer-centered ideas for new products, services, or customer experiences.