Statistics & Tabular Data

Module 23a: Statistics on Blocks

Desktop PSD Template: Module 23a (86 k)

There are two color options for the outside blocks. The first uses the Dark Background color (with reversed type) for the outside blocks and the Light Background color (with black type) is used for the center block. The Primary color may also be used for the outside blocks (with black type) except on green and light blue pages.

The height of the boxes is fixed on desktop at 392 px. The boxes align to the grid and the text is indented 30 px on the left and right. The numerals begin 72 px from the top of the box (on desktop). The (optional) small additional information link is fixed 24 px above the bottom of the box (on desktop).

Note the change in rule position on phone.

Module 23a

Modules 23b-g: Other Statistic Modules

Desktop PSD Template: Module 23 (203 k)

Many options exist for a row of three statistics. Note that type position is based on Module #23a and, therefore, does not align to the standard grid.

Statistics may appear flush left or centered on white. They may also appear flush left or centered on a background strip relating to the primary page color: options include the Dark Background color with reversed type, the Light Background color with black type, and the Primary Color with black type. (Type must meet AA accessibility guidelines.) When a background strip is used, it begins 56 px above the numerals (on desktop) and ends 56 px below the longest item (on desktop).

The (optional) small additional information link appears 40 px below the text caption (on desktop).

Note the change in rule position on phone.

Module 23

Tabular Data

The HBS tables follow the same visual sensibility as the print materials. The height and width of tables will adjust depending on the number of columns and rows, but the overall padding around text and white space should remain consistent.

Standard Table

Highlighted Table

Large Statistics (984-PxGrid Only)

In conjunction with the print materials, HBS.edu uses large statistics to call attention to important facts and figures about HBS.

Large Statistics with Graphics (984-PxGrid Only)

Graphics may be added to the large statistics pattern. The height of the graphics should be 88px. The width will vary depending on column width and how many digits the number contains.