Header & Footer

Universal Header (black bar)

A black bar containing the HBS logo, search, and universal navigation sits at the top of every page.

The HBS logo always links to the HBS home page (www.hbs.edu).

logo banner

Download Header & Footer PSD Template (1.1 MB)


The footer appears at the bottom of every page.


Download Header & Footer PSD Template (1.1 MB)


The email address and the social media hover states inherit the color of the primary color field.


Unless there is a full-width module abutting the footer, there should be 120 px of vertical white space between the page content and the footer.

Address & Contact Information

Address and contact information can be customized but should remain consistent across all pages of a site section (e.g., MBA, Alumni, Exed Ed, etc.). Phone number and email are optional. The "More Contact Information" link can either link to the standard page or a custom local page within the site section.

Social Media

Standard icons appear on every page. They may link to a contextual channel (e.g., Alumni, Doctoral, Exec Ed, MBA, etc.) if one exists. If no contextual channel exists, the icons link to the School-wide channels.

Make a Gift (School-wide)

The "Make a Gift" button appears on every page.

Links & Copyright in the Gray Bar (School-wide)

These links are consistent across hbs.edu and should not be changed. No other links should be added to this section.