Social Media

Policies for faculty & staff

Social media has become an important part of the way we work with and engage with our community on campus and around the globe. The following policies & guidelines were established to protect the privacy of HBS faculty, staff, and students as well as help audiences recognize official vs. informal or non-sanctioned social media accounts.

For University-wide information about Harvard trademark policies, please refer to Harvard Use of Name Policy.

For additional guidance, questions or if you would like to discuss launching a social channel for your department or initiative, please visit "Considering Social?" or consult Ashley Finethy, in Marketing & Communications.


"School" Social Media Channels are defined as HBS staff-managed institutional accounts representing the School.

"Affiliate" Social Media Channels are defined as accounts representing approved groups granted express permission to operate as an informal School channel (for example: Student or Alumni Clubs).


Please contact Ashley Finethy to obtain approved imagery for social media platforms.