Alumni Clubs

"Harvard Business School" and the name and shield logos are registered trademarks and their use is governed by explicit rules and guidelines.

Alumni Club Guidelines

If a Club or Association wishes to use the HBS name logo and or HBS shield as part of the Club's identification, they can do so under the following conditions:

  1. The Club does not use a custom club logo (the HBS name logo or shield logo cannot be used in conjunction with a club logo);

    Examples of incorrect usage:


  2. The shield and name logo (if used) must be positioned in close proximity to the Club's name;

  3. Clubs must use the proper name and/or shield logo (when used) as provided by HBS Marketing & Communications. DO NOT ATTEMPT to recreate the logos or alter them in any way.

  4. The shield logo should not be combined with other images-for example, with the logo of a program, company, or club; or with decorative elements such as globes or sprigs of ivy.

Including Trademark Notice

Include the following Trademark Notice on print and digital materials that include one (or both) of the logos: "The Harvard Business School name and shield logos are trademarks of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of Harvard University."

Requesting the Name and/or Shield Logo(s) for Print & Web Usage*

The logos can be requested from the . When making your request, please supply as much detail as possible on how you plan to use the logos.

*For use on products, logos are supplied by the Harvard Trademark Program. See next section for details.

Using the Name and/or Shield Logo(s) on Products (Working with Vendors)

The Harvard Trademark Program requires that all products (t-shirts, etc.) depicting the official logos be produced by licensed vendors. Many clubs use the Student Association, which as a licensee of the University is authorized to produce such items. If another vendor is chosen (including TechDoc in the basement of Spangler), prior written approval must be obtained from the Harvard Trademark Program.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Naming Convention: Club name preceded by "HBS" (e.g., HBS Club of San Diego, HBS Association of Northern California, HBS Social Enterprise Alumni Association)

Positioning Statement: The following statement should be added to a club's bio or description on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. "This is an alumni-run page (or group) and is not managed by Harvard Business School (HBS)."

Graphics: All official alumni clubs can obtain standard Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn graphics from the Alumni Clubs Manager. Please note, these graphics are only to be used on the social media channels for which they have been designed.


Online Photo Library

To provide cost-effective and high-quality imagery of the campus, staff/faculty, and students to use in HBS print and web publications, we offer a photo library online.

Usage Rights for Clubs: The School has begun purchasing club usage for photo shoots whenever feasible, so that more photos will be available to the clubs without a fee. These photos can be found by:

  1. finding the "Online Photo Library" section on this page,

  2. logging in as described,

  3. and choosing "Clubs" from the "Select Usage Rights" menu under "Advanced Search" (at upper left of page).

Photo rights labels can be found in Merlin, in the single photo viewer's sidebar. Alumni clubs can use any photo in Merlin that is marked "Unlimited" or "Clubs" in the Select Usage Rights field. If you would like a photo that is marked "Restricted" or "School-wide," Marketing may be able to negotiate use of the photo for a fee. For details on how to request a photo, see Online Photo Library on our Photography page.


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the .