• 25 Sep 2019
  • Under the Datascope

Make Me a Match! How AI Can Transform Clinical Trial Recruitment

A majority of clinical trials fail because they can’t enroll enough patients. One reason for this is patients and clinical trials teams simply can’t find each other. Deep6 CEO Wout Brusselaers talks about how his company is using AI to transform the process of identifying patients for clinical trials and research, and how the challenges go way beyond just making the technology work.

Previous Episodes

Bridging a Critical Gap: Using AI to Avoid Wasteful Treatments, Unnecessary Tests and Poor Outcomes

  • 19 SEP 2019 |
  • Under the Datascope
ASCO's CancerLinq focused on a challenge of tremendous unmet need: Extracting, cleaning and codifying the data stored in dozens of electronic medical record systems in an attempt to understand how patients experience cancer care. Concerto HealthAI has been tasked with improving these care dynamics to help maximize the benefits of cancer treatments. CEO Jeff Elton speaks about how his company is building a world-class real-world data platform and tightly integrating it with AI-based tools and capabilities.

We Need a Miracle: How Drug R&D Needs to Change to Cure Disease

  • 12 SEP 2019 |
  • Under the Datascope
Healthcare digitization is booming and data-driven innovations are disrupting drug discovery. But we must learn how to use these emerging technologies better so that we can ask more sophisticated questions, and come up with deeper insights into biology and the understanding and treatment of disease. David Shaywitz talks about disruptive innovators and offers some sober views on how hard it is to re-invent drug R&D.

Can You Read Me? How AI Can Help Bring Radiology Out of the Dark Ages

  • 09 SEP 2019 |
  • Under the Datascope
The workload for radiologists has reached the point that it is impossible to keep up with demand. AI based technologies may be able to support new clinical workflows, improve automation, and ensure that physicians are focused on the cases that are most in need of their attention. Eyal Gura speaks on how he co-founded and built Zebra Medical Vision, one of the leading organizations poised to revolutionize radiology using AI.

Who Owns Your Data? Agency, Autonomy, and Inclusivity in the Digital Age

  • 06 SEP 2019 |
  • Under the Datascope
Precision medicine requires intimate knowledge of the patient in order to develop personalized treatments. But not all patients are willing to give their data to precision medicine companies. Sage Bionetworks CCO John Wilbanks explores data ownership and informed consent, as well as new ways of innovating with internet-based collaboration.

Wedding Registries are a Thing of the Past; Genomic Registries are the Future

  • 03 SEP 2019 |
  • Under the Datascope
The creation of population genomics registries can drive new disease insights and prove key in advancing early stage research. Wuxi NextCODE’s CMO Richard Williams talks about driving precision medicine research and how to handle, manage, and gain insights from the massive scale datasets.

Trailer: Introducing Under the DataScope

  • 30 AUG 2019 |
  • Under the Datascope
Under the DataScope is a six-episode podcast series from the Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator at Harvard Business School, showcasing the most important companies that bring data & analytics technologies to precision medicine today. You’ll hear from Professors Richard Hamermesh and Kathy Guisti, plus leaders in the field, including John Wilbanks of Sage Bionetworks, David Shaywitz of Takeda Ventures, Jeff Elton from Concerto Health AI, Wout Brusselaers, Founder & CEO of Deep6, Richard Williams of Wuxi NextCode, and Eyal Gura, Founder & CEO, Zebra Medical Vision. Hosted by Gabriel Eichler.

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