Cancer touches all our lives in some way. World Cancer Day aims to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. Unfortunately, there is a lack of consensus on how to pursue this common goal.

A “business as usual” approach is not doing anything to overcome the dysfunctions and blockages in the oncology ecosystem that have delayed the delivery of lifesaving advances. A different way of fighting cancer requires an equally innovative approach to developing and delivering new cures. That’s the mission of the Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator

Learn more about what we’ve done to conquer the business challenges in precision medicine:

A Better Business Model for Fighting Cancer

A look at the Accelerator’s model, which comprises four work streams, each inspecting a different part of the precision medicine pipeline, and changes the way to fighting cancer.

What Cancer Researchers Can Learn From Direct to Consumer Companies?

Most patients do not realize the power of their data. By applying the knowledge and best practices from DTC companies, organizations that want to encourage the collecting and sharing of personal health data can be more effective in enlisting patients in the cause.

A New Approach to Safely Sharing Cancer Patients Data

Many data sets are siloed and spread amongst different institutions. We need data aggregated, standardized, and analyzed to inform clinical pathways and clinical trial design.

Impact Investing Could Accelerate the Fight Against Cancer

Current investment models often perpetuate a broken system. We need new approaches that align incentives for a new generation of philanthropists, and accelerate progress.

Master Protocols in Oncology: A Review of the Landscape

Today, too many clinical trials run late or fail outright due to poor design or lack of enrollment. We need to design trials that increase efficiency and success.

Precision medicine needs a business mindset in order to flourish

In order to expedite the development and delivery of cancer treatments, we need to approach them from a different perspective. Here’s how we are working to improve the business processes that make them possible.

Could a New Business Model Make Clinical Drug Trials More Accessible to Patients?

Professor Ariel Stern discusses her case on adaptive platform trials that facilitate simultaneously studying multiple therapies for a given disease and have the potential to make clinical trials for new cancer drugs more efficient and accessible to patients. Ariel discusses questions around design, operations, and financing in this Cold Call podcast.

Accelerating Innovation in Precision Medicine

This precision medicine program brings together leaders on Harvard Business School’s campus from the health care, scientific, technological, and business communities to speed progress in this growing area. See how leaders from multiple cancer organizations were prompted to rethink traditional approaches and explore new methods and models.