Harvard Business School (HBS) IT delivers and supports the strategic technology solutions you need to help HBS shape the future of business. Whether we're behind the scenes ensuring the security and availability of mission-critical applications or by your side helping you work and collaborate more efficiently, we aim to unlock the potential of new research and ensure seamless learning experiences and career possibilities for participants.

Student with laptops

How can HBS IT help you make a difference?

We’re here to help you identify and implement flexible and easy-to-use tools that empower you to teach, learn, and work more effectively every day.

Getting Started

Information for community members who are setting up new accounts at HBS.

Daily Work

Resources that enable you to be productive both on and off campus. 


Tools to help keep the HBS community connected.

Meeting & Event Planning

Resources for coordinating meeting spaces and catering.

Teaching & Learning

Applications and technology products to bring teaching and learning experiences to life.


Applications and technology products that support your research. 

A–Z List of Tools

An alphabetical list to help you find what you are looking for quickly.