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Lupoli Companies: Riverwalk – Making an Impact

This multimedia case highlights Sal Lupoli, President & CEO of Lupoli Companies, as he reflects on the 20th anniversary of Riverwalk, a project that significantly contributed to revitalizing Lawrence, Massachusetts. Despite the success, Lupoli acknowledges the initial high risks involved in transforming a city once labeled "City of the Damned." As he considers further development, he contemplates whether pursuing continued success in Lawrence means risking too much again, weighing achievements against potential future challenges.

Lupoli Companies: Riverwalk
Sal Lupoli talks about the history of Lawrence his vision for revitalization

Sal Lupoli talks about the history of Lawrence his vision for revitalization.

“The case study so clearly shows the impact of business and how business done right can be so impactful for a community — especially one in a difficult situation like Lawrence of 2003,” said Professor Rick Ruback. “The opportunities for all and the hope the Riverwalk project infused in the city are so clear. And the roles of business, profits, and risks were clearly demonstrated in a wonderful story that had all of our students cheering for Sal. The case could not have been better. Marco and I are thrilled. I’m really excited to be teaching the case, and I think it will demonstrate how economic development can really bootstrap a community.”

The videos really bring the case to life. They let the students see what it’s like to be there, and that is just so special. You can’t do that in a paper case.

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