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Leadership, Culture, and Transition at lululemon

This multimedia case study delves into the leadership transition at lululemon, focusing on new CEO Christine Day's challenge to sustain the fitness retailer's growth amidst declining consumer confidence and global uncertainties. It explores the nuances of leadership and organizational change within a distinctive cultural framework, setting the stage at a pivotal moment for lululemon as Day steps in to guide the company through its next phase of expansion and internal challenges.

CEO Christine Day visiting a lululemon store

CEO Christine Day visiting a lululemon store.

Produced in collaboration with Professor Michael Tushman, this case presents an in-depth examination of lululemon's journey from its inception in 1998 to becoming a $350 million publicly traded entity with a significant retail footprint in North America. The case unfolds at a critical juncture as Christine Day assumes leadership in mid-2008, tasked with driving the company toward a $1 billion sales goal while addressing operational inefficiencies, underperforming stores, and diminishing cross-functional teamwork. This narrative underscores the complexities of scaling a values-driven organization, highlighting the balance between growth and maintaining a cohesive organizational culture during significant transitions.

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Professor Michael Tushman discusses the impact of the multimedia case as an innovation that facilitates robust classroom engagement.

To actually see the culture, the energy, and personality through the multimedia technology used in lululemon is just fantastic. The case comes much more alive for a case on culture, innovation, leadership, and change.

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