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The Reinvention of Kodak

The Kodak multimedia case highlights the company's reinvention efforts by its leadership to navigate near bankruptcy and industry disruption from new technology. It explores the resurgence of older technologies, examining if a legacy technology like film can find sustained market growth amidst digital advancements. The focus is on CEO Jeff Clarke's decision on whether to continue film production or close the factory permanently.

Professor Ryan Raffaelli on location at Kodak headquarters in Rochester, NY

Professor Ryan Raffaelli on location at Kodak headquarters in Rochester, NY.

For his Leadership, Execution, and Action Planning (LEAP) course, Professor Ryan Raffaelli engaged the Multimedia Development Team to enrich the curriculum for his MBA Elective Curriculum (EC) students. He highlighted the vital role of multimedia in deepening student engagement: "Media lets students 'meet' the protagonists before class, enriching their case analysis with more depth. As they near the end of their EC year, students crave new learning methods. One remarked, 'Media cases are a breath of fresh air, requiring full attention and enhancing my preparation.'" This approach underscores the value of multimedia in providing a more nuanced understanding and catering to the evolving educational needs of MBA students.

Working with the Multimedia Development Team has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of creating the teaching materials for my EC course.

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