Featured Cases

Multimedia case studies extend learning beyond the classroom and enhance the case study methodology by deepening contextual understanding. Students are able to experience the immediacy and impact of real-time decisions and better understand protagonists’ unique circumstances.

There is no way that a text description of something so graphic could ever capture the richness and reality of what really happened.

The Success Academy Springfield Gardens Elementary School

Success Academy Charter Schools

Professors Robin Greenwood and Josh Coval, Denise Han, Ruth Page, Dave Habeeb

The Tulsa Massacre and the Call for Reparations

Professor Mihir A. Desai, Suzanne Antoniou, Leanne Fan, Ruth Page

Lupoli Companies: Riverwalk

Lupoli Companies: Riverwalk – Making an Impact

Professors Richard Ruback and Marco Di Maggio, Dave Habeeb, Ruth Page

The Reinvention of Kodak

Professor Ryan Raffaelli, Dave Habeeb, Ruth Page

Terror at the Taj Bombay

Professor Rohit Deshpande

Leadership, Culture, and Transition at lululemon

Professor Michael L. Tushman, Ruth Page, Tom Ryder