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Assets from a variety of multimedia cases produced by the Multimedia Team at HBS

Innovation and Growth 

The 1995 Pacific Dunlop: Beijing case 

Multimedia development at HBS grew out of a strategy by Dean Kim Clark in the mid-1990s to transform HBS IT and infuse technology into the HBS Case Method. Dean Clark saw an opportunity to differentiate HBS from other academic institutions with multimedia technology in the classroom. The first multimedia case, Pacific Dunlop: Beijing, was produced in 1995 in partnership with Professor David Upton. Featuring unstyled screen text and low-resolution embedded videos, the case was primitive by today’s standards but ground-breaking for its time—10 years before YouTube would make streaming video ubiquitous.  

Multimedia cases are a breath of fresh air for students with rich AV and the unique opportunity to prepare a case immersed in real-time, behind-the-scenes recreations.

Behind the Scenes