Multimedia Development

Blending technology, storytelling, and the HBS case method

Dave Habeeb filming on location in Nigeria

Pairing Technology with Storytelling to Reimagine Learning

As part of case study development at the Harvard Business School, the IT Multimedia Development team partners with faculty to pioneer innovative, media-rich variations on the traditional HBS case study. These products contain powerful videos, graphics, and interactive elements that enable faculty and students to dive deeper into the challenges dominating the world today. 

The impact of the multimedia case is that it puts everything in context. People’s stories come across in a much more vibrant and emotional way.

George Gund Professor of Finance and Banking

 Professor Robin Greenwood on location for the “Faena: Magic in Mid Miami Beach” multimedia case study

Responsive & Accessible

The team produces standalone multimedia case studies comprised of videos, exhibits, and interactive elements integrated with case text. We also produce web-based case supplements with videos and electronic exhibits to accompany written cases and video cases designed to be taught with little to no advanced preparation by students. Our products are designed to be used on all devices—smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops—as well as in the classroom.

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The Kodak multimedia case highlights the company's reinvention efforts by its leadership to navigate near bankruptcy and industry disruption from new technology. It explores the resurgence of older technologies, examining if a legacy technology like film can find sustained market growth amidst digital advancements. The focus is on CEO Jeff Clarke's decision on whether to continue film production or close the factory permanently.