The Experience

A seamless experience for highly engaged online learning

Designed to recreate the look and feel of Harvard Business School’s world-renowned instructional spaces, HBS Live Online Classrooms feature 96 high-definition screens on a gracefully curved wall to create a fully immersive teaching experience. As soon as you make your first cold call, the technology seems to fade away.

I never want to teach in any other classroom again. I love it here!

Nancy Koehn teaching live online classroom

Up-close and personal

Unlike online meetings, the HBS Live Online Classrooms let you interact with learners in amazing ways. High-definition LED screens and directional speakers instantly orient you—when a participant speaks, you know exactly where to turn. The multi-camera production setup follows your every move. As you approach a participant, the production team brings you right into their view, making it feel like you’re in the same room. The ability to connect and read participant’s expressions is so impressive, some faculty have said it’s even better than an in-person classroom experience.

All the tools for compelling case discussion

HBS Live Online Classrooms are just like HBS classrooms that have been perfectly tuned for online instruction. Three digital chalkboards project directly to the participant’s screen. Robust polling features, interactive breakout rooms, and more are seamlessly integrated into the experience. You can see when participants raise their hands, when they lean into the discussion, and when they’re not fully engaged. It’s online teaching and learning, on a whole new level.

Seamless program delivery

Behind the scenes, a world-class production team choreographs every camera angle in real time. Participants see the classroom like never before. They can dig into conversations with instructors and one another. They can focus on rich multimedia presentations. They can debate, discuss, participate, and feel the magic of the case method from anywhere in the world.

Let’s explore what’s possible

The HBS Live Online Classroom team is a highly consultative and collaborative partner. We’ll help adapt your program to take full advantage of the virtual space—maximizing the participants’ engagement and the instructor’s teaching experience.