Impact & Testimonials

2,000+ online sessions and counting

Originally launched in 2015, HBS Live Online Classrooms were moved onto campus in 2020 and completely updated to reflect the latest developments in program design and delivery technology. Today, more than 2,000 live online sessions have been held reaching 11,000+ participants globally, including MBA and Executive Education classes, virtual board meetings, as well as exciting community engagement events.

Since Fiscal Year 2021

  • 143
    Unique Faculty
  • 13,500
    Unique Participants
  • 2,008

The technology is extraordinary; unlike anything I’ve experienced in other remote settings. And the attention to detail the HBS Live Online Classrooms team brings to each session elevates the experience even further. It’s been a game-changer for us.

Youngme Moon
Youngme Moon, Donald K. David Professor of Business Administration

What impressed me most was the innovation and scale of the effort to create a personalized experience where you have dedicated screens and microphones...Rather than feeling that you're wasting time in front of a screen, you feel immersed in it.

Roop Bhadury
Roop Bhadury, Founder & CEO of Engag3d

One other comment I heard from students was that this was an experience they could get nowhere else. Nowhere else would they have exposure to the state-of-the-art studio with a world-class staff, with the support, with the levels of practice.

Candace Bertotti, Adjunct Lecturer

Stepping into the HBS Live Online Classrooms is like stepping into a futuristic Aldrich classroom, backed by a team of engineers and coordinators who seamlessly and unobtrusively bring the classroom experience to life for participants and ensure smooth sailing for the professor. You can focus fully on engaging the participants in a case discussion as you would in any on-campus classroom, but with participants joining from around the world.

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