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Discover what you can do when we are behind you.

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Harvard Business School (HBS) IT crafts, delivers, and supports technology solutions that connect, enable, and inspire our community to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. Were here to help you identify and implement flexible and easy-to-use tools that empower you to teach, learn, and work more effectively every day. Browse our services to discover what you can do when HBS IT is behind you.


We build and customize new applications and technology products to bring teaching and learning experiences to life.

  • Learning Management

    Learn more about the HBS Learning Management System services.
  • Polling & Surveys

    Explore tools to collect and report on data for classes, research, or administrative needs.
  • Web Services

    Learn about web design, implementation, management, and support at HBS.
  • Data, Reporting, & Analytics

    Explore IT supported reporting and analytics platforms for HBS community information assets.


We ensure the availability and security of the tools and technology infrastructure that keeps HBS running.

  • Printing Services

    Learn more about the printing services offered at HBS.
  • Information Security

    Learn about the ways you can keep your data and systems, and HBS, safe.
  • Media & AV

    Explore the media and audiovisual support and services offered.
  • Facilities Management

    Learn about the tools that centralize and streamline event planning, management, publishing, and more.
  • Student Information Systems

    Explore the platforms that support key student activities like admissions, financial aid, and registration.
  • Library Systems

    Discover the tool that enables the Baker Library Special Collections team to manage their digital artifacts.


We're here with friendly, easy-to-understand support so you can focus on teaching, learning, and supporting the School.


We provide the accounts, equipment, and applications that keep the HBS community connected.


We help you envision and build learning experiences, interactive spaces, and enabling technologies that keep HBS at the forefront.

A–Z List of Tools

An alphabetical list to help you find what you are looking for quickly.