Using Cloud Storage & Services at HBS

Using Cloud Storage is a great way to collaborate with others, or simply to access your files from multiple locations. But what do you need to know to keep your data safe? The following best practices will help you protect any data you keep in services such as OneDrive or Dropbox, whether that data is your own personal data or Harvard business data.

Data Security

Your Harvard account now offers you access to both Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Both are excellent services and have been approved to store Level 3 Harvard data. When using these tools with any sensitive data, please remember:

  • Any computer that you are connecting to your Dropbox or OneDrive folders must be protected. (See Using Personal Devices at HBS for more info)

  • Do not share sensitive data by generating a generic link that anyone can use. Invite your colleagues by inviting them via an email address. It is not possible for you to protect a generic link from being shared further. This means anyone who obtains that link can anonymously view and edit your files.

It is not appropriate to store Level 3 data in your personal Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. In addition, you should discuss with your manager whether storing HBS data in a personal drive is appropriate.

When Traveling

Some people have expressed concerns about data security when traveling abroad. If you feel that this is a concern, then you may wish to disconnect your cloud storage while in transit. Doing so will not delete any of your data from the cloud, it will still be there when you reconnect.

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