Encrypting Emails

Microsoft Purview Message Encryption

When sending sensitive information to other people, you need to be extremely careful regarding what tools you use. Which is why we’re pleased that Microsoft is providing a solution built into O365 Outlook email.

What can be sent?

This feature will allow HBS faculty and staff that use Microsoft O365 safely send an email and/or a file attachment that contains Level 4 data or below, securely, to internal or external recipients. When using this feature, both the email contents and attachments will be securely encrypted. OME supports sending email attachments up to 70MB using the Outlook Client

What can’t be sent? (Limitations)

  • Emails containing attachments that are greater than 70MB should be sent using Harvard Accellion FileTransfer

  • Messages can only be opened by the account it was sent to. This will prevent the following types of recipients from receiving or opening these messages.

    • Recipients who leverage automatic email forwarding

    • Recipients on non-M365 Mailing/Distribution lists

  • Delegated Email Access is not supported.

For more information:

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