Health Care Entrepreneurship

Halle Tecco (MBA 2011)
Home Town
San Francisco, CA USA
“The HBS environment helped me realize my entrepreneurial potential to impact in the world of health care.”

What made you decide to focus on health care while pursuing your MBA?

Working in health care is one of the most meaningful ways one can use an MBA. Progress and change in the sector will only happen if we open the dialogue to diverse thinkers such as designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs. MBAs have a unique position and ability to orchestrate and bring these groups together to disrupt the system from the outside in.

What kind of advantage do you think having an MBA will give you in the health care industry?

Navigating the complexities and challenges in our health care system requires collaboration from business, government, and NGOs. I'm particularly interested in the role of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is not possible without alignment of the capital markets. My time at HBS has not only given me greater insight into these complexities, but also a framework for thinking through the challenges.

What made you decide to pursue your MBA at HBS?

I applied to graduate school with the vision of combining my interests in health and technology. Not only did HBS have coursework in both fields, but also a large body of students with similar interests. As a health care entrepreneur, the HBS environment helped me find ideas to change the world.

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