Advancing Health Care in Developing Nations

Global health issues present large challenges, but also entrepreneurial opportunities and solutions. HBS research highlights business models that help some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Building Entrepreneurial Organizations

Entrepreneurial students, faculty, and alumni are creating ventures that have the power to transform health care. HBS research is designed to help ventures at any stage of development across all sectors.

Fostering Innovation in Life Sciences

The life sciences industry faces significant challenges such as pricing pressures and regulatory issues. Faculty, alumni and students seek to speed the pace of "bench to bedside" innovation.

Increasing Value in Care Delivery

The challenges of care delivery are well-known. Faculty and alumni practitioners are making an impact in reducing health care costs, increasing access to care, and improving health outcomes.

Influencing Healthy Behaviors

The idea of “health” can be applied, not only to people, but to organizations and communities as well. Peoples' health-related decisions and what influences them can impact employees' behavior, companies' decisions and the health of a community.

Understanding Health Systems, Regulation and Competition

The U.S. health care system is greatly regulated, exceedingly fragmented, and highly specialized. There are opportunities to innovate at all levels of the industry and around the world.