Faculty Focus

Innovating In Health Care is the focus of Professor Regina Herzlinger’s research, which has earned her the title of “Godmother of Consumer-Driven Health Care.” Her work was key to introducing consumer-driven health plans and “focused health factories,” such as centers for orthopedics, cardiology, or cancer care. 

MBA Courses

Lab to Market: Field Course

This course is designed to outline the path from the very early discoveries made in R&D labs to their development for commercial use. This is for students who want to pursue entrepreneurship in science and technology, anticipate leading market launch teams in incumbent organizations, or are interested in becoming investors.

Innovating in Health Care

This course helps students create successful entrepreneurial health care ventures by enabling them to identify the alignment between an entrepreneurial health care venture and the “Six Forces” that shape health care. Students will prepare a business plan, which employs the IHC Framework to explore an entrepreneurial opportunity in health care.

Innovating in Health Care: Field Course

This course is for students interested in careers in financing, leading or creating innovative health care services, health insurance, health IT, or medical technology. Student will be exposed to additional field-based experience in innovating new health care ventures on topics chosen by the students or from those made available by the faculty.