Faculty Focus

Innovating In Health Care is the focus of Professor Regina Herzlinger’s research, which has earned her the title of “Godmother of Consumer-Driven Health Care.” Her work was key to introducing consumer-driven health plans and “focused health factories,” such as centers for orthopedics, cardiology, or cancer care. 

Featured Research

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MBA Courses

Lab to Market: Field Course

This course covers three main themes: technology strategy, business model design, and leadership, covering issues like managing risky technological bets, selecting and resourcing projects, building teams and managing scientists in a commercial setting, incentive design, intellectual property strategies, licensing and partnering, vertical integration decisions, and financing of science-based ventures. The course includes case materials from a broad array of science-based sectors, including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, alternative energy and advanced materials.

Innovating in Health Care

This class embraces every part of the health care sector, including insurance, services, IT, medical devices, biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. The course has a global focus, with case studies set in Brazil, India, Spain, the UK, and the US, among other countries