The health care sector needs a dose of medicine. Were you aware that female heart attack patients are more likely to die in the emergency department when treated by male physicians? Have you pondered why we still haven't found a cure for diseases like malaria and Alzheimer’s? Or, have you given thought about how to address the dual struggle faced by health care entrepreneurs in both scaling their innovations, while undertaking the financial burden of providing quality health insurance to attract the right talent? The faculty research conducted at Harvard Business School (HBS) may be able to shed some light on these issues and more.

Of our 278 faculty, about 10 percent concentrate a significant portion of their research agenda on these health care issues, as well many other challenges facing this $3.2T, under-performing sector. To get right down to the point, faculty share their findings in a series of one-minute videos. This brief video introduces the "Health Minute" series and provides a glimpse of some of the current health care research at HBS.