1. What do you see as the biggest need in health care, particularly where MBAs could have the greatest impact? 

There are needs everywhere in health care. Needs for better technology. Better Operations. Better data and analytics. And better business models. There's opportunities for MBA's to help in all of the above, across sectors like Life Science, Payors, Providers, and newer categories like digital health and telemedicine. Addressing the cost and quality of health care will be this generation's defining achievement.

2. What skills did HBS help you develop? 

At HBS, I learned to see that there was always a different perspective that was worth listening to. This made me learn to stop seeking out the "right" answer (which never exists in complex problems), and start seeking out a diversity of perspectives on the problems that need solving.

3. Why do you do what you do? 

I got into health care almost 25 years ago, when I realized just how amazing it was to be able to impact the practice of medicine without being a doctor. I've been hooked ever since.