I remember the exact moment my husband was notified of his acceptance to Harvard Business School – we looked at each other overcome with joy and, without hesitation said, “Looks like we’re moving to Boston!” True to our word, we moved our entire ecosystem to Harvard Business School that same summer.

We were in a new place with no friends or family, yet were immediately met by a very welcoming and supportive campus community during what was an extremely transformative time for our family. My husband and I were amidst a career transition after nearly ten years of Army service, and were welcoming a newfound pregnancy with our second child. However, we soon made this place our home! We were very active with my husband’s section (Section A-Pandas!) and joined a series of clubs to include the Partners Club, Crimson Parents Club, and Armed Forces Association of America. These invaluable networks allowed me to not only “support” my spouse/student, but become an “active” member of the community and form lasting relationships.

However, despite an active social life, I was missing a sense of professional satisfaction. I had a long and rewarding career in the military, but it was time to start the next chapter. Despite my lack of health care experience, the intuitive leaders in the Health Care Initiative took a chance on a former Army Engineer officer turned partner/mommy/veteran.

I’ve proudly supported the Health Care Initiative (HCI) as a Coordinator for the last year and am truly inspired! The Health Care Initiative is an impressive organization, from its passionate and experienced leadership to the exceptionally energetic and competent staff. We work tirelessly to improve value across the health care sector, which is inarguably in need of re-invention and collaboration. We stand boldly at the cornerstone of this effort, supporting educators and leaders as they tackle some of health care’s biggest challenges, such as developing a better business model for curing cancer (Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator) and promoting the commercialization of vital life science technologies (Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator). Most importantly, however, we strive to foster an interconnected and collaborative HBS health care community!

I came to the Health Care Initiative to find professional inspiration and a deeper connection to campus, but I’m leaving with all of that and more! Thank you Health Care Initiative, you’ve given two of the greatest intangible gifts a person should ever be so honored to receive: a new life’s mission and life-long colleagues and friends.

While it’s bitter sweet to leave the team, I’m excited for the future of health care knowing the Health Care Initiative is paving the way! Join them in navigating this catalytic time in our sector – Get Involved Today!

Looking forward to seeing you out there Health Care colleagues!!

Pictured: Daniel Feldpausch (MBA 2018), Grace Feldpausch (Health Care Initiative Coordinator), Corinne Rose Feldpausch (7yrs old: self-proclaimed future U.S. President), Cla