This past summer, Founding Faculty Chair Vicki Sato, six Blavatnik Fellows and a few sous chefs (aka significant others) spent an evening at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts cooking up business ideas and perfecting their recipe for success. There are many parallels between cooking and creating businesses from scratch. Both encourage teams to work with a spirit of creative collaboration, set goals, delegate tasks, develop skills, meet timelines, and in the end enjoy the delicious rewards of a job well done.

Working in small teams with different skill sets, Fellows created nine dishes from Chef Jerrod’s Hawaiian-inspired recipes including ahi poke with taro chips, Lau Lau, Huli chicken skewers, Manapua, coconut rice, and passionfruit ice cream to name a few. Everyone was encouraged to personalized recipes to their specific cooking or leadership styles and by the end of the evening, the recipe for Blavatnik Fellowship success was created.

To get started:

Choose a recipe, or just create one from scratch.

Fill the kitchen with a variety of tools.

Pick the freshest ingredients.

Cook up your idea and make sure it’s “grate.”

Let it simmer.

Bake it.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to start over.


Tablespoon or two of curiosity

A spice rack with a variety of mentors

1-2 quarts of passion for life science

A few seeds of financing

6 cups of coffee at the i-lab

A pool of leadership talent


Blend it all together.

Pepper it with persistence.

Once fully cooked, break bread with other Fellows.

Enjoy your recipe for success.


To apply to the Blavatnik Fellowship, please complete the application and submit it by October 16, 2017. Watch our video to learn more about the Fellowship.