ARTS FIRST Allston! 

For the first time in the festival's 26-year history, ARTS FIRST comes to Allston on Sunday April 29, with an adventurous lineup of fun and exciting activities. Join us -- and the Harvard Business SchoolHarvard i-labOFA Ceramics ProgramHarvard Ed Portal and the Harvard Stadium -- for a joyful daylong expansion of the festival to our nearby neighbors! Free and open to the public. Shuttle buses available. Highlights for ARTS FIRST on the HBS campus include:

Get your M.B.A. (music, bagels and art!) 
Explore your inner artist with your Harvard Business School neighbors. Enjoy live music, Make Art activities and fun pop-up events for all ages. You can download photos from ARTFirst with this Dropbox link.
Harvard i-lab, 125 Western Ave. 11 AM-1 PM 

All are welcome. Download the complete ARTS FIRST Guide for detailed information about all the events during the festival, which runs April 26-29:

  • Allston Mural by Paul Deo 
  • Harvard Student Art Show 
  • OFA Ceramics Program
  • Ceramics Open House 
  • Western Ave. Arts Walk
  • Singer-Songwriters in Concert 
  • Antigone at Harvard Stadium