Our courses and cases equip students to apply what they learn to multiple contexts, in meaningful ways. Faculty bring important business issues and management problems from around the world into the classroom: 28% of the cases taught in the first-year Required Curriculum and 38% of cases in the second-year Elective Curriculum are globally focused.

Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD) is a required first-year course focusing on small-group learning experiences, including an action-oriented global immersion in an emerging market. Since 2012, MBA students have traveled to 33 cities and worked on over 1,089 projects for Global Partner organizations.

Immersive Field Courses (IFC) are field-based electives for second-year MBA students to apply their learning in countries around the world. Over the last nine years, MBA students have participated in 253 IFC’s, traveling to 37 cities outside of the U.S.


Outside the Classroom

Opportunities outside the classroom play an important role in the global student experience at HBS.

  • 12 of the more than 85 student clubs are globally themed, and many host annual conferences bringing together both students and business leaders from the region to discuss important trends in global economies.
  • 15% of 2017 graduates interned outside of their home country and 13% of this class accepted full time job opportunities abroad.
  • Students have the opportunity to engage with the School’s more than 83,200 alumni, 33% of whom live abroad across 171 countries.


Staff in our Global Research Centers help students to prepare for and find internships and jobs abroad through corporate relationship building. Contact HBS Career and Professional Development for more information.


Prospective international students can find admissions information on the MBA site.