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  • NOVEMBER 2017

Professor Ranjay Gulati Meets with Executives in Istanbul

On November 21st, the Chair of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, Professor Ranjay Gulati, met a group of 32 AMP alumni during an event held in Istanbul. He announced the retirement of Kathy Venne, Portfolio Director of the Advanced Management Program (AMP), who served at Harvard Business School for 40 years. Professor Gulati also emphasized the importance of staying connected within the network of HBS alumni. He highlighted the AMP Renewal Programs that are held in different parts of the world in an effort to keep alumni links active globally. Professor Gulati further announced plans for an upcoming refresh program in Europe, one that would be facilitated by Kathy Venne and a group of faculty members.
  • NOVEMBER 2017

HBS Interviewee Event in Dubai

First-round interviews for the MBA Class of 2020 were held between mid-October and mid-November. Beyond its main campus in Boston, MA, HBS conducts interviews globally; in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo, New York City, Bay Area CA, London, and Paris. The interviews were conducted in Dubai between Nov. 1st – Nov. 4th and a special Interviewee Event was held on November 1st. A panel session was led by Alpana Thapar, MBA 2012 and Assistant Director of the Dubai Office. These events aim to provide a platform for interviewees to interact with alumni and learn more about their experience in different programs. Decisions for first-round of interviews will be released as of December 12, 2017.
  • JULY 2017

Professor Joshua Margolis Leads Case Study in Tel Aviv for Alumni

On July 3rd over 30 alumni gathered in the AOL office in Tel Aviv to participate in a lively case study led by Professor Joshua Margolis about leadership and change management. Margolis taught his case "Ron Johnson: A Career in Retail" about Ron Johnson's successful career with Target and Apple, and his unsuccessful attempt to turnaround JCPenny. The case included a video of Ron Johnson speaking with HBS students, filmed when the case was first taught on campus. The ensuing discussion explored a framework on how to diagnose, design and deliver change in an organization.

New Research on the Region

  • December 2017
  • Teaching Material

Yemeksepeti: Growing and Expanding the Business Model through Data

By: William R. Kerr and Alexis Brownell

  • December 2017
  • Case

OCP Group

By: Kristin Fabbe, Forest Reinhardt, Natalie Kindred and Alpana Thapar

  • October 2017 (Revised January 2018)
  • Case

Bitfury: Blockchain for Government

By: Mitchell Weiss and Elena Corsi

In the Republic of Georgia, legend had it their land was a precious gift from God he had intended to keep for his mother. But over time, the land had been under intermittent threat from without and within. In 2017, the Bitfury Group, which Valery Vavilov had co-founded, had helped publish 300,000 Georgian land titles onto the blockchain, making them immutable and, many believed, unhackable.  What came next, Vavilov’s team envisioned, were smart purchase and sale contracts via the blockchain; and from there, a full suite of property-related services and, eventually, blockchain as the foundation for a transformation in government services. Vavilov, who had co-founded Bitfury and expanded it substantially from its bitcoin mining roots, felt a blockchain-driven makeover of this sort would take place not just in Georgia's government, but around the world. It was not a matter of "if?" anymore; although that still left the question of "when?"

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