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  • June 2020

Virtual Event with Professor Jose Alvarez and CEO of Grupo Éxito, Carlos Moreno

This June Professor Jose Alvarez interviewed CEO of Grupo Éxito, Carlos Moreno. Mr. Moreno gave a heartfelt presentation about the company’s challenges prior to the COVID, its initial response, and the care of employees, customers, and suppliers. Professor Alvarez, who wrote the case titled, Grupo Éxito: Facing Colombia's Competitive Grocery Retail Industry, led the conversation proposing thought-provoking questions. The event brought together 120 alumni and friends of the School.
  • April 2020

Virtual Event with Professor Michael Chu and Chilean Entrepreneur Nico Shea

On April 7th the Latin America Research Center hosted its first online event titled, “Challenges of a Pandemic: The Case of, the leading crowdfunding platform in Latin America.” This event was the first in a series commemorating LARC’s 20th anniversary. Professor Michael Chu interviewed Chilean entrepreneur Nico Shea. Mr. Shea shared the challenges has faced due to the pandemic and the opportunities he envisions as part of the new normal. Mr. Nico shared lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur during the crisis. The event brought together 120 alumni and friends of the School.
  • JANUARY 2020

The Global Classroom: Student Immersion in Cuba

As part of the elective curriculum within the MBA program, students have the opportunity in their second year to enroll in an Immersive Field Course – or “IFC.” These courses are driven by faculty research and industry connections, and provide students with an opportunity to get out of the classroom and put the skills they have learned to practice in the field. Typically, about 200 students participate in IFCs annually. In January 2020, Professor Arthur Segel and Professor Charles Wu led 22 students to Cuba. During their stay they had meetings with Universidad de la Habana and local entrepreneurs to better understand what it means to do business in Cuba.
  • December 2019 – February 2020

Entrepreneurship Series with HBS Brazil Club

Together with the HBS Brazil Club, LARC hosted the first two events in its new entrepreneurship series. This event series will interview businesspersons who have an impact on Brazilian society. The first event in December featured Sergio Furio, CEO and Founder of Creditas and HBS Alumni Angels board member, who was interviewed by Oswaldo Garcia (MBA 2016). Mr. Furio focused on the impact that his company is providing through collateral loans at low interest rates. He also shared the challenges of expansion throughout Latin America. In February, the second event featured David Vélez, CEO of Nubank, who was interviewed by Monica Saggioro (MBA 2018). Mr. Vélez shared his challenges as a CEO of a large Brazilian fintech company and also talked about Nubank’s international expansion. More than 60 alumni gathered at each of these events to discuss entrepreneurship, funding, and company growth.

New Research on the Region

  • September 2020
  • Teaching Material

Uber: Competing Globally

This case describes Uber’s global market entry strategy and responses by regulators and local competitors. It details Uber’s entry into New York City (United States), Bogotá (Colombia), Delhi (India), Shanghai (China), Accra (Ghana), and London (United Kingdom). In each instance, the case includes information about Uber’s strategy in that market, existing regulations on taxis and transportation in each market, the reactions of competitors and regulators, and regional information. The case allows for instruction related to competitive strategy, global expansion, nonmarket strategy, regulation, market economics, supply restrictions, and related topics.

  • August 2020
  • Case

Latam Airlines and COVID-19: Seeking Bankruptcy Protection in the United States

By: Laura Alfaro, Mauricio Larrain, Carlos Vilches and Sarah Jeong

On May 26, 2020, Latam Airlines became the largest airline in the world to be driven to bankruptcy by COVID-19. With a complex debt structure and international investor composition, the company decided to file for bankruptcy protection in the United States, which offered a more flexible reorganization procedure than the local bankruptcy process. After the filing announcement, the company reached an all-time-low stock market valuation. Some experts questioned whether the bankruptcy filing of Latam Airlines in the United States could be detrimental for the development of the Chilean capital market. Even if the company succeeded financially, would it be able to adapt to a different way of flying post-COVID?

  • July 2020
  • Case

Karen Bruck: Growing Managers at MercadoLibre

By: Joshua D. Margolis, Fernanda Miguel and Mariana Cal

Karen Bruck, Corporate Sales Director at MercadoLibre, Latin America's largest e-commerce platform, needs to make a decision about one of her managers, who, while analytically savvy, has an approach that does not fit in with the company's culture.

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