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  • April 2024
  • Harvard Center for International Development

Faculty Spotlight: Vincent Pons on Understanding and Upholding Democracy

Discover the journey of Vincent Pons, a French political economist and associate professor at HBS, in this Harvard Center for International Development article. From his first voting experience during France’s major political upheaval in 2002 to his profound impact on global electoral strategies and democracy, Pons’s work offers invaluable insights into the power of electoral participation and policy. Explore his unique perspective on democracy’s role in shaping economic and social policies worldwide.
  • February 2024
  • The Harbus

Female Professors at HBS Series: Chiara Farronato

Explore the career of Italian native Chiara Farronato in this feature, where she shares her unexpected journey from almost joining McKinsey to becoming an associate professor at HBS. Discover how her focus on digital platforms and their regulation has shaped her teaching and research, providing fresh insights into the complexities of market growth strategies. Read more about her transformative contributions to understanding platform economies and their impact on global business practices.
  • February 2024
  • Deep Purpose Podcast

Global CEO of Chanel Leena Nair: Building the Courage to Lead

In this 'Deep Purpose' podcast episode, Professor Ranjay Gulati hosts Leena Nair, CEO of Chanel. She shares her journey from rural India to leading a global luxury brand in London, discusses the ongoing underrepresentation of women in leadership, and expresses her commitment to changing this dynamic at Chanel, aiming for a future with greater female leadership. Listen in to explore how purpose and personal drive shape the world of business.

New Research on the Region

  • April 2024
  • Case

Michelin in Motion: Putting Purpose to Work

By: Hubert Joly, Nitin Nohria and Emilie Billaud

When he became CEO, facing limited growth prospects, a low valuation, and therefore a stagnating share price, Menegaux and his team launched a set of initiatives to reposition Michelin. These included (1) articulating a clear purpose (“We care about giving people a better way forward”), (2) formulating a strategic vision—the “Michelin in Motion” strategy aiming to generate 20%-30% of revenue from non-tire activities by 2030, a significant leap from less than 5% in 2020, (3) introducing a new leadership model—I CARE—and reshaping the company’s values around the idea of respect for all its stakeholders, and (4) introducing the dream for Michelin to be recognized by 2050 as a critical innovation leader that helped humanity conquer new frontiers. The overall plan centered on driving performance across profit, people, and the planet. Despite challenges, by 2024, these changes had begun to show results, with the company's share price rising by 23% since the beginning of his tenure, although Menegaux believes this does not fully reflect the company's potential.

  • April 2024
  • Teaching Material

Ferrari: Shifting to Carbon Neutrality

Teaching Note for HBS Case No. 723-446. A sports car manufacturer commits to carbon neutrality and to electrifying a large part of its car fleet.

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