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  • May 2019
  • Events

ERC Roundtable Discussions with Professors Rohit Deshpandé and Charles Wang in Paris

In May 2019, the Europe Research Center organized two events in Paris with Harvard Business School faculty. Professor Rohit Deshpandé from the Marketing Unit led an engaging and interactive discussion about a new initiative on cultural entrepreneurship at HBS, featuring excerpts from the “Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center” case study. The second event was an evening discussion with Professor Charles Wang from the Accounting and Management Unit, who shared some interesting thoughts on shareholders' influence in corporations and the impact of governance arrangements on shareholder value.
  • March 2019
  • Working Knowledge

HBS Working Knowledge: “The Ferrari Way”

In this article, Professor Stefan Thomke discusses the subject of a new Harvard Business School case study, supported by Elena Corsi of the Europe Research Center. Ferrari is among the world's most powerful brands but how the company operates has remained mysterious. This article explores the inner workings of the company - the Ferrari Way - from the way it designs, produces, and markets its cars, to how its leadership team is driving future growth. Central to Ferrari's strategy is its response to disruptive changes in the automotive industry and their impact on the company's products and brand.
  • January 2019
  • MBA Curriculum

The Global Classroom: Student Immersion in London, Oxford, and Paris

As part of the elective curriculum within the MBA program, students have the opportunity in their second year to enroll in an Immersive Field Course – or “IFC.” These courses are driven by faculty research and industry connections, and provide students with an opportunity to get out of the classroom and put the skills they have learned to practice in the field. Typically, about 200 students participate in IFCs annually. In January 2019, Professor Michael Luca from the Harvard Business School’s Negotiation, Organizations, and Markets Unit led a group of students to London, Oxford, and Paris for 10 days. Students were split into groups and worked with real clients from the UK government to design interventions inspired by behavioral science. This trip also included site visits and panel discussions with industry experts.

New Research on the Region

  • July 2019
  • Case

Bjarke Ingels Group

By: Boris Groysberg and Aldo Sesia

  • July 2019
  • Article
  • Health Affairs

The Impact of Price Regulation on the Availability of New Drugs in Germany

By: Ariel Dora Stern, Felicitas Pietrulla, Annika Herr, Aaron S. Kesselheim and Ameet Sarpatwari

The 2011 German Pharmaceutical Market Restructuring Act (“AMNOG”) subjected branded, non-rare disease drugs to price regulation based on an assessment of their clinical benefit. Assessment outcomes range from “major added benefit” to “less benefit than the appropriate comparator,” and impact price negotiations beyond the first year on the market. Using data on drugs that entered the market from 2012 to 2016, we evaluated benefit assessment findings, subsequent drug exits, and their correlates. We considered 171 drug-indication pairs, corresponding to 138 different drugs. Of these, 66 drug-indication pairs (55 different drugs) were found to have any additional benefit. Almost all drugs with any positive benefit assessment (98%) remained on the market, while drugs without a positive benefit assessment were over ten times more likely to exit (25% vs. 2%). U.S. policymakers considering how to address rapidly increasing drug costs may draw valuable lessons from the German experience.

  • 2019
  • Working Paper

Employment Effects of Alleviating Financing Frictions: Worker-level Evidence from a Loan Guarantee Program

By: Boris Vallee, Julien Sauvagnat, Thorsten Martin and Jean-Noel Barrot

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