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  • JANUARY 2020

The Global Classroom: Student Immersion in China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka

As part of the MBA elective curriculum students have the opportunity in their second year to enroll in an Immersive Field Course – or “IFC.” These courses are driven by faculty research and industry connections, and provide students with an opportunity to step out of the classroom and put the skills they have learned to practice in the field. In January 2020, Professor Willy Shih in the Technology and Operations Management Unit and Associate Professor Meg Rithmire in the Business, Government, and International Economy Unit, led 45 students to China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka on a 13-day trip called “Asia - China’s Belt & Road Initiative.” In China, the students spent six days Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, and Hong Kong. Students visited manufacturing factories, container ports, logistics centers, air cargo terminals, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (the world’s longest sea crossing) to understand China’s role in the global supply chain. They also engaged in dialogue with local business leaders and operators about China’s Belt and Road Initiative and presented their findings to local company executives and HBS alumni.
  • DECEMBER 2019

HBS New Venture Competition Roadshow Event

On December 21, 2019, HBS Club of Shanghai organized a pitch competition to help young entrepreneurs in China to secure funding and connections in the region. The winning team will participate in the HBS 2020 Alumni New Venture Competition, Asia-Pacific Alumni Track. More than 80 private equity and venture capital investors attended the event. 13 teams, shortlisted from hundreds of applicants, pitched their business ideas to a panel of 15 judges. The top three teams were awarded a cash prize.
  • NOVEMBER 2019

12th Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial Forum: China Repositioning, Our Opportunities out of Challenges

HBS Club of Shanghai, Harvard Center Shanghai, and Harvard Club of Shanghai co-hosted this annual event on November 2, 2019. This one-day conference brought together more than 150 alumni and business leaders for networking and information sharing. Jodi Gernon, Director of the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, introduced HBS programs and resources in fostering entrepreneurship. Keynote speakers Dr.Xiaodong Wang (Director of NIBS, Xiaohui Chen-CFO/SeniorVP of Meituandianping) and Levin Zhu (Financial expert) shared their initiatives and vision for their businesses. Panel discussions featuring representatives from technology, consumer goods, education, and international trade explored key issues and trends in different industries.
  • OCTOBER 2019

Mock Case Discussion: “How to Create Win-Wins?” – China’s Historical Step of Opening Up Capital Markets

On October 20, HBS Club of Shanghai and Harvard Center Shanghai co-hosted a forum on how global asset managers can increase their presence in emerging Chinese markets. HBS Professor Lynn S. Paine and led the discussion which was attended by over 100 senior leaders. The topic was discussed using HBS Case Study methodology, addressing eight questions focusing upon strategic decision-making and execution mechanisms.

New Research on the Region

  • June 2020
  • Case

What IKEA Do We Want?

By: Cynthia A. Montgomery, Juan Alcacer, Emilie Billaud and Vincent Marie Dessain

In 2018, Swedish furniture maker IKEA was undergoing a significant transformation. Challenged by the rise of online shopping and changing consumer behavior, and mourning the death of its founder, the Company's top executives knew they had to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new strategic initiatives to stay relevant. But which initiatives, executed where, when and how, would enable IKEA to achieve its goals in a way that was profitable while creating an IKEA they would want to pass on to the next generation of co-workers and customers?

  • June 2020
  • Teaching Material

Global Brand Management of Anheuser Busch InBev's Budweiser

Brian Perkins, chief architect of the $6 billion Budweiser brand, was excited about 2018, in which the company would launch Budweiser into several new markets in Africa and Latin America. He was feeling the pressure to finalize a global brand strategy that would define Budweiser’s value proposition and guide its development and execution around the world. The problem was that Budweiser actually had two distinct brand realities that differed across geographies and that often interfered with each other. He worried whether the company could keep selling a premium brand proposition abroad as the brand’s less premium reputation faced challenges at home in the U.S., and whether he needed to force a monolithic global brand strategy everywhere or allow for local market customization. Could Budweiser simultaneously accommodate two or more brand realities?

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