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  • NOVEMBER 2017

HBS Case Teaching Open Class

On November 18th, Harvard Center Shanghai held another case teaching event as a part of their "HBS Case Teaching Open Class Series" that began in 2016. Senior Lecturer of Business Administration John Kim conducted the AltSchool case teaching for participants from education, innovation, investment and other sectors. By studying the case "AltSchool: School Reimagined", participants had the opportunity to explore how an education technology company can build new education technology tools and alter school structures and funding models to set the stage for a new model for the education sector.
  • June 2017

Zhang Mei MBA 1996 featured in Skydeck, HBS Alumni Podcast Series

Author and WildChina founder Zhang Mei (MBA 1996) takes us inside the kitchens of her native Dali, in the Yunnan province in southwest China. She is the author of "Travels Through Dali with a Leg of Ham," a travelogue and recipe collection culled from kitchens of her Chinese hometown. Zhang's founding of WildChina is featured in an HBS case written in 2009, focusing on themes of leadership and entrepreneurship challenges.

New Research on the Region

  • March 2018
  • Teaching Material

ZBJ: Building a Global Outsourcing Platform for Knowledge Workers (B)

By: Feng Zhu, Weiru Chen and Shirley Sun (ZBJ), an online platform that connects knowledge workers to small and medium-sized enterprises, is China’s largest outsourcing platform. Founded by Mingyue Zhu in 2006, ZBJ had grown into a unicorn with 4,000 employees and a daily transaction volume of RMB15 million by 2017. During the company’s 11-year history, ZBJ had launched ten transformation campaigns to overcome various challenges by changing its products, operations, and business model. For example, it encountered winner-takes-all competition, disintermediation (when service providers and clients took transactions off the platform to avoid the platform’s 20% commission fees), the rise of fake transactions, member management issues, and difficulties in delivering satisfactory services to large enterprises. Zhu must decide how to use the next campaign to address challenges that had emerged since the last campaign and how ZBJ should expand globally.

  • March 2018
  • Case

TrustSphere: Building a Market for Relationship Analytics

By: Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly Baden

Manish Goel was the CEO of TrustSphere, a seven-year-old company in the data analytics industry that focused squarely on relationship analytics, a space in which TrustSphere was pioneering a unique technology and solutions in the areas of sales, risk, and people analytics. Essentially, TrustSphere's technology allowed its customers to view the patterns of digital communication captured on the organization’s communication infrastructure among internal and external players. With this information, TrustSphere could help customers infer where relationships existed and the strength of those relationships, information that could be leveraged to address a number of business challenges and opportunities. Based in Singapore, but operating globally, TrustSphere was trying to get its footing and establish its technology and solutions as a "must-have" for prospective customers, all the while trying to navigate the relatively unchartered waters of relationship analytics.

  • March 2018
  • Teaching Material

Apple: Privacy vs. Safety (B)

By: Henry McGee, Nien-he Hsieh and Nathaniel Schwalb

This case supplements “Apple: Privacy vs. Safety (A), covering select events in 2017, including 1) a mass shooting in which U.S. law enforcement was not able to access the shooter’s encrypted iPhone and 2) Apple’s compliance with the Chinese government’s request to make it more difficult for iPhone users to download “Virtual Private Network” apps.

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