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  • MARCH 2024

Professor John Kim’s Alumni Dinner in Jakarta

Professor John Kim’s dinner with alumni in Jakarta HBS Asia-Pacific Advisory Board member Daniel Budiman and alumni in Jakarta organized a dinner discussion with Professor John Kim and Asia-Pacific Research Center colleagues Nancy Dai and Adina Wong in Jakarta on March 20. Prof. Kim shared recent trends in the education sector and 10 alumni in Jakarta shared their insights about recent political changes and economic and business trends in Indonesia.
  • MARCH 2024

Professor Feng Zhu’s Alumni Lunch in Shenzhen

The HBS alumni in Shenzhen organized a lunch discussion with Professor Feng Zhu on March 12, 2024. During the event, Prof. Zhu shared insights about the impact of geopolitics on global economy and trade and how business leaders positioned their organizations for uncertainty with eight alumni. They also engaged in discussions about Chinese economy, new trends in technology, especially AI, and the new wave of Chinese companies going global as well as recent HBS graduates’ career choices and work and life.
  • FEBRUARY 2024

MBA Class of 2026 Alumni Lunch

The HBS Asia-Pacific Research Center hosted an alumni lunch for MBA interviewees in Shanghai. It was an incredible opportunity for participants to gain insights into the HBS program and life on campus from recent alumni. Over 20 interviewees joined the event, fostering valuable connections and deepening their understanding of the HBS.
  • FEBRUARY 2024

2024 NVC Asia-Pacific Regional Final

On February 24, at the 2024 New Venture Competition Alumni Track Asia-Pacific Regional Final, nine teams from Singapore, China, Vietnam, and India showcased their innovative business ideas. CapGo, a fast market research tool leveraging AI to generate extensive market insights into spreadsheets, won the Best Innovation Award and was selected to represent the region at the Global Finale. MUFU and Levitate received the Best Social Impact and Best Investment Awards, respectively.
  • December 2023

The Crimson Ball

The Crimson Ball, hosted by the HBS Club of Shanghai on Dec. 3, serves as an annual celebration that defines our school's close-knit community. With "The Great Gatsby" as the theme this year, it shows three key dimensions: Elegance & Sophistication, Community & Social Interaction, and Artistic Expression. In collaboration with the Wings of Music Charity, the Ball embraced a new dimension—social impact. The surplus from the event will support over 4000 left-behind children of migrant workers in China.

New Research on the Region

  • April 2024
  • Case

Market Dynamics and Moral Dilemmas: Novo Nordisk’s Weight Loss Drugs

By: Joseph L. Badaracco, Tom Quinn and John Schultz

Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk was owned by a charitable foundation, and since its founding in the 1920s had focused on producing insulin to treat diabetes. In 2017, however, it released Ozempic, a diabetes treatment with the revolutionary side effect of safe, effective weight loss. As demand in the U.S. reached a fever pitch, Novo faced opportunities and challenges. The case covers the markets in which Novo could expand, the manufacturing shortfalls it faced, the competition that was expected to arise, and the moral issues that came with selling a product that affected so many people worldwide.

  • March 2024
  • Case

From “BIG” Ideas to Sustainable Impact at ICL Group (A)

By: Linda A. Hill and Lydia Begag

In the summer of 2023, Eduard (“Eddie”) Croitoru, Vice President (VP) of ICL Group (“ICL”) Corporate Initiatives, was reflecting on ICL’s internal ideation program, the Business Innovation for Growth (BIG) Accelerator. When Raviv Zoller become the CEO of ICL in 2018, he recruited Croitoru, then his Chief of Staff, to help embed a culture of innovation throughout the company. He tasked Croitoru with addressing employee engagement and innovation challenges, which led to the creation of BIG. BIG enhanced ideation of employees (called “BIG Agents”), accelerated execution of ideas, and improved collaboration within the organization. Under Croitoru’s leadership, BIG had evolved into a process where ICL employees from around the world contributed ideas, many of which would go on to be realized and funded as projects by senior management. Croitoru spent three years refining the program, expanding its reach from 3,500 to all 12,500 ICL employees in four new languages. To push the program forward, he anticipated two challenges ahead – continuing to scale BIG company-wide while combining technology with the human infrastructure needed to optimize the program’s success, and fostering more breakthrough, "extra-corerestrial" (beyond the core business) ideas within BIG.

  • March 2024 (Revised April 2024)
  • Teaching Material

From "BIG" Ideas to Sustainable Impact at ICL Group (B)

By: Linda A. Hill and Lydia Begag

In August 2023, Raviv Zoller, CEO of ICL Group, discussed his upcoming business trip to St. Louis with Eduard Croitoru, VP of ICL Corporate Initiatives, to commemorate the construction of ICL's new $400 million advanced manufacturing facility. In preparation for the facility’s launch, Zoller reflected on the transformation of an employee idea into a new and exciting business line for ICL—lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery manufacturing. When he first became CEO of ICL in 2018, he initiated a cultural transformation and tasked Croitoru, his then-Chief of Staff, with launching a company-wide innovation program, the "Business Innovation for Growth" (BIG) Accelerator. BIG became a crucial part of ICL's internal innovation foundation. Simultaneously, Zoller focused on cultivating external innovation partnerships by building an ICL ecosystem, launching the company’s agri-food tech startup hub (ICL Planet Startup Hub), collaborating with Israeli and non-Israeli startups, and exploring possibilities in emerging innovation domains. Zoller hoped that the corporate theme for 2023, “Year of Partnerships,” would continue to inspire his colleagues to do the hard work of ecosystem-building for the “art of the possible,” in years to come, even in the face of tough economic times.

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