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  • JULY 2018

HBS Executive Education: “Put Yourself in the Driver Seat: An Interactive Case Study Discussion on Uber Technologies, Inc.”

On July 4 and July 5, 2018, Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Andreas Andersen Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean and Chair of the MBA Program led a case study event in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The program featured an interactive case discussion on Uber Technologies. This event provided a glimse into the Senior Executive Leadership Program - China. 92 attendees joined the Shanghai session and more than 100 participants attended in Shenzhen.
  • JULY 2018

MBA Admissions China Roadshow

MBA Admissions hosted information sessions in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing in July. This roadshow event was designed to introduce the MBA Program and life at HBS to prospective applicants. The information session included an admissions presentation and the opportunity to hear from local alumni. 69 prospective applicants joined the information session in Shenzhen, 137 attendees participated in Shanghai session and over 150 participants showed up for the event in Beijing.

New Research on the Region

  • 2019
  • Working Paper

Foreign Powers, Institutions, and Firms in Shanghai's Concession Era

By: Laura Alfaro, Cathy Ge Bao, Maggie X. Chen, Junjie Hong and Claudia Steinwender

  • 2019
  • Working Paper

Outsourcing Innovation: The China Shock Hits Brazil

By: Laura Alfaro, Maggie Chen, Andrea Lucchesi and Naercio A. Menezes Filho

  • January 2019
  • Teaching Material

The a2 Milk Company

By: Benjamin C. Esty, Daniel Fisher and Greg Saldutte

The a2 Milk Company (a2MC) became the most valuable company listed on the New Zealand stock exchange in 2018 by capitalizing on a biochemical discovery related to the protein composition of cow's milk. Because many people find the A1 protein difficult to digest, and that protein may be related to other health problems (e.g., diabetes), a2MC sells dairy products containing the A2 protein only primarily in Australia and China. With sales of NZ$730 million in 2017 and a desire to grow, a2MC formed a strategic relationship with Fonterra, the world's sixth largest dairy company, in February 2018. But one month later, Nestle, the world's largest dairy company, confirmed that it had begun selling A2 infant formula in China and people speculated that it would start selling A2 products in Australia and New Zealand later in the year. a2MC's retiring CEO Geoffrey Babidge and newly appointed CEO Janyne Hrdlicka must decide how to respond to Nestle's entry. Can this successful entrant become an incumbent with a sustainable competitive advantage?

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