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  • December 2023

The Crimson Ball

The Crimson Ball, hosted by the HBS Club of Shanghai on Dec. 3, serves as an annual celebration that defines our school's close-knit community. With "The Great Gatsby" as the theme this year, it shows three key dimensions: Elegance & Sophistication, Community & Social Interaction, and Artistic Expression. In collaboration with the Wings of Music Charity, the Ball embraced a new dimension—social impact. The surplus from the event will support over 4000 left-behind children of migrant workers in China.
  • November 2023

HBS Club of Beijing 2023 Investment Forum

On November 26th, the HBS Club of Beijing hosted the 2023 investment forum, which marked the beginning of a series of impactful events with its new leadership team. The forum opened with the sharing of Mr. Fenglei Fang, the founder & chairman of HOPU Investments, about the investment environment, followed by two panel discussions on investment and entrepreneurship respectively. Nancy Dai, Managing Director and Executive Director of Harvard Center Shanghai, shared HBS updates in the Asia-Pacific region. Over 50 alumni joined this exciting event!
  • November 2023

HBS Club of Shanghai 2023 Entrepreneurship Forum

The 2023 Entrepreneurship Forum, hosted by the HBS Alumni Club of Shanghai, was held on November 18, 2023. This year's forum included three engaging panels: “Globalization of HBS Talents” focusing on the international development of HBS talents as they build business globally; “AI in Business” exploring innovative uses of artificial intelligence in business; and “What’s up in Social Media” highlighting current trends in the digital communication landscape. The event provided a vibrant platform for 100+ HBS alumni and industry leaders to connect and discuss these key areas of entrepreneurial interest.
  • SEPTEMBER 2023

MBA information Sessions in Shanghai and Beijing

The HBS Asia-Pacific Research Center hosted MBA info sessions in Shanghai and Beijing on September 5th and 12th. Over 100 prospective applicants explored our MBA program and the vibrant HBS life. These interactive events provided a valuable platform for attendees to engage in insightful discussions, gain firsthand perspectives from recent alumni.
  • JULY 2023

Dinner Discussion with Prof. Ryan W. Buell and Prof. Eva Ascarza

Harvard Center Shanghai hosted a dinner discussion with Professor Ryan W. Buell and Professor Eva Ascarza on July 25th. The event is attended by around 10 new MBA admits and alumni. Prof. Ryan W. Buell and Prof. Eva Ascarza shared their experiences and insights, and discuss the courses they teach and their research at HBS. The professors and alumni also answered questions from the new admits and offered advice on how to get the most out of their HBS experience.

New Research on the Region

  • January 2024
  • Case


By: Debora L. Spar and Julia Comeau

  • 2024
  • Working Paper

Antitrust Platform Regulation and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from China

By: Ke Rong, D. Daniel Sokol, Di Zhou and Feng Zhu

Many jurisdictions have launched antitrust enforcement and brought in regulation of large tech platforms. The swift and strict implementation of China’s Anti-Monopoly Guidelines for the Platform Economy (Platform Guidelines) provides a quasi-natural experiment to evaluate the impact of antitrust regulation on platform competition. We adopt a difference-in-differences approach to empirically explore the impact of China’s Platform Guidelines on the number of investments and the entry of startups in platform markets. The results show that the Platform Guidelines did not increase competition in these affected markets. Rather, competition weakened in these markets, with less venture capital investment flowing into them and fewer startups entering these markets. Our study suggests that governments should consider more carefully the potential unintended consequences of antitrust platform regulation.

  • December 2023
  • Case

Monsters in the Machine? Tackling the Challenge of Responsible AI

In November of 2022, the small tech company OpenAI released ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot which quickly captured the public’s imagination—becoming the world’s fastest-growing consumer application within months of its release. Though observers from across sectors were thrilled by the infinite potential uses of generative AI products like ChatGPT, the release also sparked an intense debate about the potential risks of AI, including job displacement, privacy violations, and the spread of misinformation. New companies like OpenAI, along with established giants in the rapidly emerging field such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Meta faced intense questions about how the new technology should be used and regulated. But just what does “responsible AI” entail and who gets to make that decision? And what players should be involved in shaping the rules that will ultimately govern this crucial generation of technology?

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