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  • June 2017

Zhang Mei MBA 1996 featured in Skydeck, HBS Alumni Podcast Series

Author and WildChina founder Zhang Mei (MBA 1996) takes us inside the kitchens of her native Dali, in the Yunnan province in southwest China. She is the author of "Travels Through Dali with a Leg of Ham," a travelogue and recipe collection culled from kitchens of her Chinese hometown. Zhang's founding of WildChina is featured in an HBS case written in 2009, focusing on themes of leadership and entrepreneurship challenges.
  • April 2017
  • Alumni News

Bringing Markets to Myanmar

For 25 years, David Brunell (MBA 1962) has worked in private sector development all over the world, transforming centralized economies to market-based economies in 20 different countries, including Zambia, Vietnam, and Pakistan. His most recent work was with the government of Myanmar, which recently emerged from decades of military rule with a planned economy. Bulletin editor Dan Morrell talked to David about his experience in Myanmar, and what the process of private sector development looks like at the ground level.

New Research on the Region

  • January 2018
  • Teaching Material

Interview with Case Protagonist Wen Li

In today's global economy, what are the factors that go into production location choice? This case is set in the world's largest automotive glass producer as it expands from China into the United States. To meet a very aggressive cost target, management is faced with the alternatives of fulfilling the contract from its new Ohio factory, which can only produce above the target cost currently because it is still on a learning curve, or it can fulfill from its Tianjin, China factory which can produce below the cost target but will incur extensive shipping costs and require a far greater amount of inventory holding. The case examines a core question facing managers who want to produce physical products for world markets. This video interview is with the case protagonist, Wen Li.

  • 2018
  • Book Chapter

Will Urbanization Save the Chinese Economy or Destroy it?

The Chinese leadership under Xi Jinping has announced its intentions to transition the economy from one driven by investment and exports to one driven by domestic demand. The main strategy to achieve this transformation involves massive state-led urbanization. This essay explores whether the strategy will save the Chinese economy or generate social and political problems that imperil the country's growth and stability.

  • January 2018
  • Teaching Material

Fuyao Glass: Making Automotive Windshields

This supplementary video shows the manufacturing process for automotive windshields. It is intended for use with HBS Case no. 618-007 Fuyao Glass: Americas Sourcing Decision.

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