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  • APRIL 2018

Making a Difference with the HBS/HKS Joint Degree Program

Class of 2018 graduate, Nanako Yano, had an interest in both public health and the development of private sectors in Africa. Her passion for these areas of study led her to pursue a joint degree at HBS and HKS. During her time at the School, Yano was involved in the Africa Business Club and spent her summers working with organizations in Rwanda and Ethiopia. As she leaves HBS, Yano is excited to see how the school has begun increasing its connection to Africa through the HBS Africa Research Office, the "Doing Business in Africa" elective course, and the short intensive program "Africa Rising."
  • APRIL 2018

What I Learned From Visiting All 54 African Countries

Francis Tapon (MBA 1997) left his job in the corporate world to pursue his passion for travel and embarked on a five-year tour of Africa. During this trip, he visited all 54 countries in the continent. In his Skydeck interview, he reflects upon his travels and findings of what he calls the "unseen Africa."
  • JANUARY 2018

HBS Announces New Fellowship Opportunity (GO: Africa)

Beginning with the MBA Class of 2018, HBS will offer a Global Opportunity Fellowship (GO: Africa) to supplement the income of MBA graduates who go on to work in Africa following graduation. As the School contiunes to establish its global footprint in Africa, the fellowship is another way of building and enhancing ties with the continent.

New Research on the Region

  • April 2018
  • Case

Wilderness Safaris: Ecotourism Entrepreneurship

By: James E. Austin, Megan Epler Wood and Herman B. "Dutch" Leonard

Wilderness Safaris sees itself as a conservation company that is built on a business model of providing high-end, premium-priced wildlife safaris in various locations in Africa. Dependent on functioning, healthy ecosystems for its long-term survivability as a business, it invests heavily in conservation efforts, both directly, with communities and governments, and with partners and competitors. It may be reaching saturation of the high-cost, high-priced, low-volume, luxury travel product in its existing locations, so to continue its growth it is now trying to expand into East Africa, where the traditional safari approach by most providers has been a high-volume, low-cost, low-priced product. As a publicly- listed company, can Wilderness Safaris find a sustainable growth path that will allow it to profitably expand its business and meet its shareholder’s interests while still achieving its priority purposes of protecting and investing in the ecosystems and communities on which its services are based?

  • Spring 2018
  • Article
  • Harvard International Review

Henry Kissinger and Robert Mugabe: The Forgotten Connection via Remarkably Creative Negotiation

When Robert Mugabe was forced out of office in late 2017 after 37 years of increasingly brutal rule in Zimbabwe, he had been in the job so long that few recall how he got there. Fewer still remember that it was Henry Kissinger, whose complex, if unlikely, negotiations to achieve black majority rule in Rhodesia, later Zimbabwe, helped to facilitate Mugabe's ascent. Tracing this mostly forgotten episode illustrates the potential for creative and strategic negotiation to overcome what many regard as impossibly high barriers—as well as the painful lesson that negotiating virtuosity plus the election of a charismatic leader hardly suffice for a prosperous and democratic outcome.

  • March 2018 (Revised April 2018)
  • Case

Designing a Compliance Program at AB InBev

Compliance programs help companies align the interests and behavior of employees with external expectations and regulation. The case discusses how AB InBev, a major brewer, developed its compliance program.

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