Kristin L. Sippl - Faculty & Research - Harvard Business School
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Kristin L. Sippl

Post-Doctoral Fellow of Business Administration

Negotiation, Organizations & Markets

Kristin Sippl is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit at Harvard Business School. She studies how people and organizations make prosocial decisions in the realms of ethical consumption, environmental sustainability, and global governance. Her research explores the diffusion of fair trade and voluntary sustainability standards to non-traditional sectors, such as luxury and illicit goods. Projects include why certification programs choose some sectors to govern instead of others, the determinants of successful activism, and the impacts of certification on gold mining for the jewelry industry. New work explores the relationship between consumers' ethical behavior and product types (e.g. utilitarian versus hedonic goods), and which types of governance and activism are best for particular problem types. Kristin earned her Phd in Political Science from Boston University in 2016, was previously an analyst at Target Corporation, and now co-directs the Boston chapter of non-profit Civic Series.