Student Clubs & Activities

Student-led clubs and activities give students the opportunity to become better informed about and engaged in issues and possible career paths. A number of clubs focus on the link between business and environment or incorporate environmental content into their offerings, which include symposia, speaker series, career panels and treks, skill development workshops, and networking events.

Getting Started

From the time you arrive on campus, there are many ways to connect with a network of students, faculty, and alumni who are deeply engaged in environmental issues:

  • Business & Environment Initiative Kick-Off: Meet the BEI leadership, network with like-minded students, and learn more about how you can get involved. You can view slides from the Fall 2017 Kickoff here.
  • Student Club Fair: An opportunity to connect with environment-related clubs.
  • Energy & Environment Club Initiatives: An overview of the Energy & Environment Club's  various interest groups and yearly events.
  • Career Programming: Events such as Energy, Environment, and Business 101 provide an overview of emerging trends and career paths in specific industries. You can view a video of the event here.

Energy & Environment Club

Provides education on the connections among business, energy, and the environment, and offers access to events, internships, and career opportunities. A liaison between HBS students and the energy industry, it also hosts and annual Energy Symposium. The club addresses a wide range of topics, including conventional energy, clean energy, sustainability, and environmental conservation.

Food, Agriculture & Water Club

The mission of the Food, Agriculture, and Water Club (FAW) is to (1) provide the HBS community with a platform to discuss, debate and learn about issues and opportunities along the entire food value-chain (from the seed to the consumer) (2) to expand professional connections and opportunities. Contact the club to inquire about upcoming events.

Social Enterprise Club

Inspires and supports students to create social value through personal and professional pursuits in nonprofit, public, and for-profit organizations. It is one of the school’s largest Student Clubs with approximately 400 members. The SEC forms a community of like-minded students that believe in using business solutions to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, including environmental problems.

Other student-led clubs may also incorporate environmental content; for example, in 2008, the Real Estate Club featured a green building panel as part of its annual real estate symposium.

Student Sustainability Associate Program

The Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program is a peer-to-peer educational program that employs ten HBS students who promote sustainable living among their peers. The program focuses on energy and water conservation and recycling and waste reduction. Through activities, campaigns, and information sharing, the Sustainability Associates encourage fellow students to take greater responsibility for their own role in driving University-related environmental impacts. Sustainability Associates also suggest infrastructure and policy improvements that may remove barriers to student conservation and provide advice to BEI. The program is managed and supported by HBS Operations. For more information, please see the SSA Program website.