Climate Stories is a series researched and written by Jacqueline Adams (MBA 1978) and Produced by Lynn Schenk, Director, Business and Environment Initiative

The HBS Business and Environment Initiative is excited to launch Climate Stories, a series of researched blog posts that tell the unique stories of the business leaders–CEOs, founders, advisors, and more–who are enabling climate solutions to thrive by seeing new business opportunities and focusing on the people who make those solutions both necessary and possible.

To accomplish the mission of Climate Stories, BEI is grateful to be working with Jacqueline Adams (MBA 1978). Adams has spent her career as a journalist, author, and convener. Over the next few months, she will share a variety of stories that we hope will teach, inspire, and motivate our readers to create their own positive stories - ones which prioritize the human side of climate change.

Climate Stories Episode #1: Kameale C. Terry

Climate Stories Episode #2: Sam Steyer, Greenwork

Climate Stories Episode #3: Keith Kinch, BlocPower

Climate Stories Episode #4: Erika Myers, World Resources Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Climate Stories Episode #5: Phyllis Newhouse, CEO, Entrepreneur, Leader

Climate Stories Episode #6: Climate Change, Peacebuilding, and Business: Lise Grande and Dr. Teagan Blaine, USIP.

Climate Stories Episode #7: Turning Waste Heat to Power

Climate Stories Episode #8: The Role of Solar and Wind Farming (and Other Tools) in the United States’ Clean Energy Future

Climate Stories Episode #9: Shelly Xu (MBA 2021) Reducing Waste Through Beautiful Design

Climate Stories Episode #10: Amanda Li (MBA 2018): Speeding Climate Change Through Project Finance Efficiencies

Climate Stories Episode #11: Mary Jo Veverka (HBS 1978): Fostering Actionable Climate Literacy

Climate Stories Episode #12: Vehicle to Everything - Claire Broido Johnson (MBA 2002), Chief Operating Officer of Fermata Energy

Climate Stories Episode #13: Democratizing Climate Returns - Nisha Desai (HBS 1997), Founder and CEO of Invest With Intention