ClimateCAP: The Global MBA Summit on Climate, Capital, & Business brings together MBA students, business leaders, and experts from around the world to assess the implications of climate change for business and investment. At the Summit, students gain a deeper understanding of how climate change is shaping industries and markets, where the biggest financial and operational risks lie, and what promising innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities are emerging.

The theme for ClimateCAP 2024 was Sustainability in Motion which captures the energy and enthusiasm needed to solve the climate crisis as we approach the midpoint of the decade. During ClimateCAP 2024, attendees heard from thought leaders and executives working towards a more sustainable and equitable business ecosystem and engaged with one another to learn new skills, solve challenges, and explore meaningful, tangible pathways for MBAs at leading institutions to join the fight.

HBS MBA Students and BEI Director, Lynn Schenk, at ClimateCAP.

Each year, the HBS Business and Environment Initiative (BEI) sponsors a group of students to attend ClimateCAP and below are their reflections on the experience:

"One of my major takeaways was the importance of equity and inclusion in climate discussions. The plenary session titled "Recentering Equity in the Climate Transition" was particularly enlightening. One speaker was from the National Congress of American Indians and wholeheartedly emphasized the benefits of Indigenous knowledge in addressing global climate change, which gave me a perspective often overlooked in governmental and private sector-led dialogues. Additionally, I enjoyed connecting with like-minded professionals and business school students, and even now I benefit from the continued engagement with them (one student invited me to his event on Sustainable Organizations, another student from an UK b-school and I collaborated to promote his climate pledge initiative, and many online follow-up etc.). Thank you BEI team to provide this amazing opportunity!" Mitch Hirai, MBA 2024

Aman Baboolal, MBA 2024

"I've spent my career in the energy and climate space, so it was an easy decision to attend ClimateCAP, the premier conference for MBA students interested in tackling these challenges. It was great to meet students with similar interests and engage the speakers who were leading in their respective fields. A highlight for me was the ESG workshop which was a practical way to get up to develop some practical skills while understanding the opportunities and issues in the space." - Aman Baboolal, MBA 2024

"The ClimateCAP conference was a great way to connect with students from a wide range of MBA programs across the country! Two events stand out to me. On the first night there was a dinner event where people separated into tables and I had the chance to have in depth conversations on infrastructure for transporting hydrogen with former engineers from Chevron and Exxon. On the last night, we had a chance to go into Michigan's football stadium and kick some field goals down on the field which was super unique and a lot of fun with the ~400 others there." - Ian Naccarella, MBA 2025

"I found ClimateCAP an incredible opportunity to connect with students from other MBA programs. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that our generation is facing, and witnessing the collective efforts of students and industry leaders from various sectors to address this issue was truly inspiring. The "Onshoring Clean Energy Supply Chains" panel, in particular, captivated me. It shed light on the complex interplay between reducing reliance on fossil fuels and the growing demand for vital minerals like cobalt. Exploring innovative solutions, from recycling critical minerals to implementing regulations ensuring supply chain transparency and sustainable mining practices, underscored the imperative nature of such endeavors in facilitating the transition towards cleaner energy sources." - Vanessa Wu, MBA 2024

Read more about the experience from BEI Director, Lynn Schenk: ClimateCAP and the Bonus of Climate Educator Collaboration. We look forward to connecting at ClimateCAP at UC Berkeley in February 2025!