Are you interested in connecting with other alumni leveraging their careers to combat climate change? BEI invites HBS Alumni to join our Alumni in Climate Networking Series for a chance to connect with local alumni to discuss ideas, trends, opportunities, and challenges at the intersection of business and the environment. Email to learn more about upcoming events.

On Monday, August 7th, I had the pleasure of meeting with a small group of HBS and HKS alumni engaged in climate careers while passing through Zurich. The group of eight enjoyed the opportunity to share current work in climate in one intimate conversation and we all learned from each other’s far-ranging experiences. Personally, I felt completely energized by the range of activities these alumni are engaged in around the world, from critical forestation projects in Burkina Faso to energy efficiency projects, to advanced waste management and waste to energy processes being developed. The group expressed the value of galvanizing the Harvard alumni base into action; the visibility of Harvard stepping up to the climate challenge, as manifested by Harvard Climate Action Week, the Salata Institute and support from several Deans, such as HBS Srikant Datar. We look forward to staying in touch, engaging with, and seeing folks at upcoming reunions or whatever else brings you back to the Boston area!