Are you interested in connecting with other alumni leveraging their careers to combat climate change? BEI invites HBS Alumni to join our Alumni in Climate Networking Series for a chance to connect with local alumni to discuss ideas, trends, opportunities, and challenges at the intersection of business and the environment. Email to learn more about upcoming events.

On April 2nd, BEI partnered with the HBS Club of Chicago to bring together alumni dedicated to making an impact on climate change with their careers. Around 40 alumni came together at the William Blair office in downtown Chicago, thanks to our host Brent Gledhill (MBA 1997). The event kicked off with a talk by two HBS faculty members, Forest Reinhardt and David Bell. Professor Reinhardt and Professor Bell discussed how businesses and governments are altering their strategies and operations in light of global climate change. They discussed the pros and cons of different agricultural approaches to our climate crisis, and how much of an impact certain solutions, such as regenerative agriculture, could have on our climate.

After the talk, alumni had time to network with one another and form connections. Personally, I got to meet alumni working on electrifying our transportation system, setting up software platforms to help with ESG reporting, advising berry farmers, and an entrepreneur who created a marketing firm focused on key social issues. Our goal through this series is to build out a climate community in key locations and we look forward to our next event in June in London!