Are you interested in connecting with other alumni leveraging their careers to combat climate change? BEI invites HBS Alumni to join our Alumni in Climate Networking Series for a chance to connect with local alumni to discuss ideas, trends, opportunities, and challenges at the intersection of business and the environment. Email to learn more about upcoming events.

This summer the Alumni in Climate Networking Series kicked off at Schwartz Pavilion on July 12th. This was a welcome opportunity for students and alumni with a unified goal of confronting climate change to come together and share ideas. Over 40 alumni and students came to campus to learn more about the local community of HBS MBAs who are making an impact on climate change. Entrepreneurs working on climate change education gaming apps mingled with those working in transportation electrification at major utilities. Other attendees include climate investors, green buildings experts, and interns at clean energy startups.

We are excited to be continuing this series by visiting cities with large cohorts of alumni to foster communities of dedicated climate professionals. The goal of this series is to bring together those who are interested in leveraging their careers to make an impact on our climate and to strengthen their local networks.