What are the career opportunities in business and environment? In Summer 2022, over 65 MBA students found internships at the intersection of business and the environment. This post provides a sample of some of the types of companies that students worked at this summer as well as their roles before joining HBS.

Omar Al Mulhem (MBA 2023, Section A), Summer Internship: Summer Associate, Sustainable Investing Team at BlackRock

BlackRock is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. BlackRock currently manages a broad suite of dedicated sustainable investment solutions ranging from green bonds and renewable infrastructure to thematic strategies that allow clients to align their capital with specific ESG outcomes. The Sustainable Investing team is responsible for ESG integration in investment processes, identifying drivers of long-term returns associated with ESG issues, and creating sustainable investment solutions. Omar's role prior to HBS was Decarbonization Strategy Execution Lead at Saudi Aramco.

Ashwin Bhanot (MBA 2023, Section A), Summer Internship: Summer Associate (Investment Team) at Clean Energy Ventures

Clean Energy Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage climate tech start-ups that reduce CO2 emissions by at least 2.5 Gt by 2050. The $110M fund focuses on early-stage companies commercializing novel technologies and innovating business models. Ashwin's role prior to HBS was a Data Scientist at Bulb (Renewable energy utility).

Andrea Boza Zanatta (MBA 2023, Section I), Summer Internship: ESG Investments & Asset Stewardship Team Analyst at State Street Global Advisors

State Street Global Advisors is the investment management arm of State Street Corporation and one of the world’s largest asset managers with over USD $3 trillion in assets under management. The Asset Stewardship team leverages engagements, proxy voting, and thought leadership to manage material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks to their portfolios. Climate change, land use and biodiversity, and circular economy and natural resources are all core themes of their stewardship activities. Andrea's role prior to HBS was a Consultant at the United Nations and McKinsey & Company.

Brandon Corts (MS/MBA Engineering 2023, Section I), Summer Internship: Venture Fellow at HAX, the hardware-focused arm of SOSV

SOSV is an early-stage, deep-tech venture capital firm that is one of the most active firms in the world in climate tech investment. Brandon's role prior to HBS was a Founding engineer of Wafer, a satellite communications startup.

Mariah Cushman (Dual Degree MS / MBA Engineering Sciences 2023, Section H), Summer Internship: ICM Mosaic Fellow / Summer Associate at Pangaea Ventures

Pangaea is a hard-tech focused impact investor. For Pangaea, this means investing in companies across three key themes: food and water security, climate change, and health outcomes. They invest in start-up companies using advanced materials to make our planet, and peoples’ lives, cleaner, safer, healthier, and more sustainable by scaling products/solutions to tackle tough problems. Mariah's role prior to HBS was an Engineering Team Manager at DuPont.

Michael Dantas (MBA 2023, Section F), Summer Internship: Summer Associate at Izuba Energy

Izuba Energy is a leading developer of renewable energy in Fragile States in Africa. Izuba’s projects are often first-in-class and allow industrial partners to produce in African countries using clean energy from the very beginning of their operations. Michael's role prior to HBS was the Under Secretary of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at the Brazilian Ministry of Economy.

Jeremy Fischer (MBA 2023, Section H), Summer Internship: MBA Associate at Energize Ventures

Energize Ventures’ mission is to accelerate the sustainable energy transition by partnering with the best companies at the intersection of energy and technology to provide financial capital, industry expertise and commercialization support. Energize invests in software-based solutions spanning renewable energy, critical infrastructure, climate resiliency, cybersecurity and mobility. Energize works in partnership with their portfolio companies to realize their full potential, scaling from early commercialization to growth stage and into the public markets. Jeremy's role prior to HBS was a Customer Success Manager at Oden Technologies, an early-stage industrial data analytics startup.

Juan D. Garzón (MBA 2023, Section J), Summer Internship: Private Equity Summer Associate at Global Infrastructure Partners - GIP

GIP’s equity business focuses on large-scale investments in infrastructure businesses and assets that provide essential services. As one of the largest investors in renewables worldwide, GIP is committed to supporting the energy transition for a more sustainable future. Juan's role prior to HBS was an Investment Banking Associate at Goldman Sachs.

Andrew Greener (MBA 2023, Section D), Summer Internship: Product Strategy & Operations at SCiFi Foods

SCiFi Foods is a cultivated meat company using synthetic biology to create the next generation of meat alternatives that use cell-based ingredients in combination with plant-based meat, enabling the creation of products that taste more like real meat products. Andrew's role prior to HBS was a Private Equity Associate at Madison Dearborn Partners.

Maude Hoffmann (MBA 2023, Section H), Summer Internship: Summer Associate, Investment Team at The Engine

The Engine is a Boston-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in companies with game-changing technology in the areas of climate, human health, and advanced systems. Launched by MIT, The Engine bridges the gap between discovery and commercialization by empowering disruptive technologies with the long-term capital, knowledge, network connections, and the specialized equipment and labs they need to thrive. Maude's role prior to HBS was Business Development at SunPower.

Chrissy Kahn (MBA 2023, Section J), Summer Internship: Strategy Intern at Montauk Seaweed Supply Company

Montauk Seaweed Supply Company is a start-up working to transform New England-area farmed seaweed into sustainable fertilizer and biostimulant products for farmers. Chrissy's role prior to HBS was Marketing at BrightFarms.

Grace Keliher (MBA 2023, Section I), Summer Internship: Summer Consultant, Climate & Sustainability practice, at Boston Consulting Group

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time and companies around the world are stepping up with ambitious net zero commitments. BCG's climate & sustainability team helps clients turn these pledges into action -helping them identify and harness climate innovation, embed sustainability at scale into their business, and capture the value they create. Grace's summer focused on decarbonization customer research and go-to-market strategy development. Grace's role prior to HBS was a Solar Engineering Associate at EDP Renewables.

Rick Marquardt (MBA 2023, Section K), Summer Internship: Strategy MBA Intern at Tender Food

Tender Food is a food technology company making sustainable alternatives to factory-farmed meat. They are recreating muscle fiber structure using plant ingredients and building a food and material science innovation platform that will create step-change improvement in meat alternative product quality and become the texture industry standard. Rick's role prior to HBS was Corporate Strategy at PepsiCo / Growth at SodaStream.

Dallin McKinnon (MBA 2023, Section J), Summer Internship: Strategy MBA Intern at Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks is a full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services company. It’s first vehicle, the Volta Zero, is the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-ton truck designed for urban logistics, reducing the environmental impact of freight deliveries in cities by an estimated 1.2M tons of CO2 by 2025. Dallin's role prior to HBS was an Engagement Manager at Cicero Group.

Varsha Ramesh (MBA 2023, Section G), Summer Internship: Product Management at Patch

Patch is an API-based solution with solutions for carbon credit suppliers and companies ready to take climate action. Patch enables companies to embed carbon footprint estimation and removal directly into their digital products and allows them to make bulk credit purchases through the Patch dashboard. Patch also provides software solutions for carbon credit suppliers that allows them to sell their credits digitally. Varsha's role prior to HBS was Corporate Strategy at Indigo Ag.

Laura Romine (MBA 2023, Section D), Summer Internship: Sustainability Intern at Aspiration

Aspiration strives to empower individuals and companies to build climate change-fighting action into what they do every day. Aspiration is committed to financing and leading carbon avoidance and removal projects that support immediate climate action, while delivering meaningful impact to local communities through access to jobs, revenue-sharing and engagement. Laura's role prior to HBS was Product Strategy at PIMCO covering credit and ESG portfolios.

Nabil Sarbaoui (MBA 2023, Section B), Summer Internship: Private Equity Associate at SCF Partners

SCF Partners is a private equity firm that invests in companies providing services, products and technologies for the energy industry. They have traditionally focused on services for the Oil & Gas industry but are now committing capital to companies operating to monitor and reduce carbon emissions, improve grid reliability through energy storage, or create the new clean hydrogen infrastructure. Nabil's role prior to HBS was a Consultant at BCG.

Daniel Tong (MBA 2023, Section C), Summer Internship: Strategy & Finance Director at FirstElement Fuel

FirstElement Fuel is a hydrogen cleantech start-up that develops and builds hydrogen refueling stations, owning and operating the largest network in the world, with 37 light- and heavy-duty stations. Its purpose is to advance the hydrogen economy and make it a replacement for conventional fossil fuels. Daniel's role prior to HBS was a Business Development Manager at Cosan (Brazilian Energy & Infrastructure conglomerate)

Tom Troxel (MBA 2023, Section K), Summer Internship: Carbon Sequestration Project MBA Intern at Conservation International

Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) are actions to protect, restore, and improve the management of forests, agricultural lands, and wetlands while safeguarding biodiversity and food. The NCS team at Conservation International focuses on applied science to catalyze the effective implementation of NCS at global, national, and local scales, and primarily involving forest ecosystems. Tom's role prior to HBS was a Private Equity Associate at Bain Capital.

Max Weimann (MBA 2023, Section A), Summer Internship: Summer Investment Manager at FSN Capital

FSN Capital is a leading private equity firm making control investments in growth-oriented Northern European companies, to seek to support further growth and to transform companies into more sustainable, competitive, international, and profitable entities. ESG has been a core part of FSN Capital's DNA and value creation approach since the inception of the firm in 1999 and is deeply integrated into the culture, investment processes, and the way Portfolio Companies are governed. Max's role prior to HBS was a Project Manager at Roland Berger.

Bobby Yang (MBA 2023, Section H), Summer Internship: MBA Intern, Office of the CEO, at nZero

nZero is a 24/7 carbon data and management platform that gives NGOs, government agencies and organizations the accurate emissions data they need to reach net zero and make smart decisions that benefit the health of the planet. Bobby's role prior to HBS was a Private Equity Associate at Macquarie Group.