MBA 2013  Palo Alto, CA USA
While growing up in Northern California, Baron spent as much time outdoors as possible backpacking, hunting, fishing and biking. Read more
MBA 2015  Phoenix, AZ, USA
Donnie Benjamin is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer who studied engineering as an undergrad. While many of the business concepts in the HBS Required Curriculum (RC) are new to him, he has found touchstones for his interest in sustainability. Read more
MBA 2013  
In the summer of 2006, as he was wrapping up an internship in Barack Obama’s office, Austin Blackmon (MBA 2013) received some advice from the Illinois senator. “He took us aside and said, listen, if you want to have the greatest impact over the course of your lifetime, you should consider the areas of education, energy, or national security,” Blackmon recalls. Read more
MBA 2013  Olympia Fields, IL USA
Classroom diversity is a widely-recognized quality of the HBS classroom—and for Lauren Burrows (MBA 2013), that fact took on particular significance in a second-year course, Energy Business & Geopolitics. Read more
MBA 2015  Catalina Island, CA
Jacqueline Crespo came to HBS to build on an impressive foundation of experience gained during six busy years in the climate and energy space. Read more
MBA 2011  Massachusetts, USA
On the face of it, Charley Cummings’s (MBA 2011) current position as founder and CEO of Walden Local Meat may not seem connected to his past experiences. Before HBS, he cofounded Clean Power Now, a grassroots organization and leading advocate for the Cape Wind Project. Read more
MBA 2015  Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Two years to explore and pursue professional interests—that is Natalie Deschamps’ perspective on the MBA program. Read more
MBA 2015  Oslo, Norway
Upon graduating from HBS, Martine Drageset returned home to Oslo, Norway and to her position as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. The difference is she returned to her old job with an increased focus on sustainability topics and client needs. Read more
MBA 1979  Chevy Chase, MD, USA
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MBA 1972  Boston, MA, USA
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MBA 2012  Cumbria, U.K.
Lee Hodder was exposed to energy issues while growing up in the Middle East with family ties to the oil and gas industry. The first non-Arabic graduate of Qatar University’s College of Engineering... Read more
MBA 1986  Longmont, CO, USA
Read more
MBA 2018  
Growing up in Massachusetts and California, Taylor Lane (MBA/JD 2018) went hiking and rock climbing with family and friends in Maine and the Rocky Mountains. “I came to value the importance of open spaces and conservation,” she says. “I find being outside both inspiring and calming.” That love for the natural world led to a question for Lane: How to deliver affordable, reliable, sustainable energy with the lowest possible environmental impact. Read more
MBA 2018  
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MBA 2000  Wassenaar ZH, The Netherlands
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MBA 1948  Oslo, Norway; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Erling Lorentzen, a native of Norway, became a sustainability leader by way of his family’s shipping interests in Brazil. Settling there with his young family in 1953, Lorentzen pursued entrepreneurial ventures... Read more
MBA 2013  Moscow, Russia
With so many social, educational and ecosystem challenges in need of business solutions, Ilya Minevich says he was drawn to working on the environment because “the problems we face are on a global scale.” Read more
MBA 1966  Boise, ID, USA
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MBA 2012  Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.
“When I came to HBS, I knew I wanted to transition into a technical career with a social impact,” says Smriti Mishra (MBA 2012), a University of Chicago physics major who worked at manufacturing supplier McMaster-Carr before arriving at Soldiers Field. Now a lead program manager at National Grid, Mishra is overseeing development of a business plan and investment strategy for a residential solar-plus battery program. “What we’re doing is essentially an internal startup,” Mishra says from her office in Waltham, Massachusetts. “It’s been really exciting to be pulled for a project like this and basically be given a budget, a team, and a blank sheet of paper to figure it all out.” Read more
MBA 2016  Baltimore, Maryland
Vikas Mouli came to HBS with the intention of learning as much as he could about resource related industries like energy, food, and water. So he was methodical in selecting a relevant summer internship. Read more
Ashley Palmarozzo is a doctoral student in the Technology and Operations Management (TOM) unit at Harvard Business School. Read more
MBA 2013  Boston, MA USA
Natasha Pereira-Kamath was born in India and grew up in the United States.  During her frequent trips to visit family back in India, she experienced the blackouts that are part of daily life in large Indian cities, and how people rely on back-up power generators that run on diesel fuel and emit oily, black smoke. Read more
MBA 1988  
“Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved nature,” says Carter Roberts, President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Read more
MBA 1977  Eugene, OR, USA
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Assistant Professor George Serafeim, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Robert G. Eccles (see profile), explores how integrated reporting of financial and sustainability performance can embed material sustainability issues within both the capital allocation decisions of investors and the strategic decisions of managers. Read more
MBA 1991  Houston, Texas, USA
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MBA 1984  Washington, DC, USA
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Professor Michael Toffel has been interested in how companies can reduce their environmental impacts since the early 1990s. Read more
Faculty  Boston, MA, U.S.
For more than four decades, Professor Richard Vietor has been studying energy and the political process and the interactions of government and energy companies. He began his scholarly career in the context of the 1970 Clean Air Act... Read more
Kala Viswanathan is a doctoral student in the Technology and Operations Management unit at Harvard Business School. Read more
MBA 2009  Massachusetts
Deployed to Iraq in 2002 as an Army infantry platoon leader, Ted Wiley (MBA 2009) had a close-up view of the geopolitics and infrastructure surrounding fossil fuels. Read more
MBA 1984  Windsor Heights, IA, USA
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MBA 2015  Hong Kong
Jen Wu is a former management consultant who dreams of running her own natural foods company one day. Read more
MBA 2017  
At Optimus Ride, where Stephanie Wu (MBA 2017) is head of product, the core philosophy is simple: Self-driving electric vehicles should be an attainable, accessible good—and if they’re shared, the need for personal vehicles will be reduced overall. Read more