Our Mission

The Business and Environment Initiative was founded in 2010 to serve as a hub for environmentally focused research, teaching, and discourse. By connecting world-class faculty, students, alumni, and practitioners, BEI works to deepen the understanding of environmental challenges confronting business leaders—and to inspire new ideas and practical, effective solutions that will benefit managers everywhere.

BEI examines a wide range of topics through research, HBS case development and alumni engagement. Together, we’re working to accelerate energy innovation, foster sustainable food production, reimagine capitalism, address climate change, identify sustainable business practices, and promote effective governance.

We focus on:

  • Catalyzing research by engaging alumni and practitioners to identify environmental issues that demand new managerial mindsets and innovative business solutions
  • Educating students and promoting environment-related study at HBS and beyond
  • Promoting HBS research about environmentally related topics by making it accessible to decision makers worldwide

Under the leadership of HBS Professor and Faculty Chair Michael Toffel and Director Jennifer Nash, BEI brings together 28 affiliated faculty members from Harvard Business School. It disseminates groundbreaking cases and research highlights to shape the learning experience of students throughout the world. BEI hosts academic and executive conferences throughout the year, and supports student clubs and alumni connections on campus and beyond.


Business & Environment Initiative Leadership

Photo of Michael Toffel

Michael Toffel

Faculty Chair; Senator John Heinz Professor of Environmental Management

Photo of Jennifer Nash

Jennifer Nash


Photo of Lynn Schenk

Lynn Schenk

Associate Director

Photo of Elise Clarkson

Elise Clarkson