What happens to my resume after I apply?
You will immediately receive an email to confirm receipt of your application. The Human Resources department will review your resume to determine the strength of your candidacy. For more detailed information, please see our Hiring process page.
When can I expect to hear back after I submit my resume?
The length of time for each hiring process varies by position. Generally, you can expect to receive a response to your resume submission within 4-6 weeks of applying.
Does Harvard Business School provide Visa Sponsorship?
Harvard normally does not provide H-1B visa sponsorship for administrative positions except in very rare instances. We would only do so where a position requires highly-specialized skills and the University has not been able to find qualified U.S. workers with those skills, (most often faculty positions). Please note that attorneys representing individuals are not authorized to file H-1B petitions on behalf of the University.
What should I do if I'm having technical difficulties submitting my application to a position?
Our recruitment system ASPIRE has a very robust help section. If you are still having trouble you may contact Harvard University Employment Services at 617-495-2772.
I'm interested in a Faculty position, where can I find those job postings?
Our Faculty recruiting is managed through individual Faculty Units. More information regarding openings and process can be found on our Faculty Recruiting Website.
Do I have to submit a cover letter when I apply?
Although a cover letter is not required, we highly recommend that you submit one that is specific to each job that you apply to. Our managers read cover letters carefully and use them to gain better insight into your interest in the position and your writing style.
What is the Dress Code at Harvard Business School?
The dress code is business attire during the school year for most of our departments. However, this may vary by business unit. In the summer, the campus dress code is business casual.
When should I be prepared to speak about compensation?
At HBS we are open and honest about our compensation structure and discuss it in the very first stages of the recruiting process. On the Harvard Employment Site you can see details regarding University-wide pay scales pay scales. In addition, every position is posted with a grade level. Hiring offers tend to be between the minimum and mid-point of the range listed.
What is a term appointment?
A term appointment is a regular staff position that has a specific end date. Term appointments exist to fill staffing needs that are not long term. Term Appointment staff receive the same benefits as regular employees including time off, medical and dental coverage, etc. When a term appointment ends you are not eligible for our severance or work security programs.
Do I need to have prior experience in Higher Education to be considered for a position?
No. We consider candidates from all different industries for our open positions. We look for transferrable skills and knowledge that match our open positions. The diverse past experiences of our employees help to create a well-balanced work environment that is committed to innovation and excellence.
How can I find out about Part Time Employment?
We do offer part time employment opportunities and they can be found by selecting "part-time" as a search criteria in our recruitment system, ASPIRE.
How can I find out about Temporary Employment?
Temporary employment is a great way to get connected with Harvard and gain valuable related experience. Spherion is Harvard's preferred source for temporary employees. To learn more, contact Spherion at 617-495-1500 or visit their site. The Spherion team is happy to answer any of your questions.
Where can I search for jobs across all of Harvard?
Harvard is a large decentralized organization and each school at Harvard manages their own recruitment process. To see job postings at other schools, please visit www.employment.harvard.edu.
How can I learn more about employment at Harvard?
You can visit www.employment.harvard.edu and review their FAQ section. Additionally, in Harvard's ongoing commitment to our host communities, the University offers a workshop series aimed at helping to provide job seekers with the tools and resources needed for an effective job search. The series features sessions on various job search topics. The sessions are typically held from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the Harvard Information Center in Holyoke Center, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. Please call Harvard University Employment Services at 617-495-2772 or email them at employment@harvard.edu for details regarding the next available session. Everyone is welcome.
What does "Strong Internal Candidate" mean on a job posting?
At Harvard we value internal mobility. We list "Strong Internal Candidate" on a job when we have an internal candidate in consideration prior to the job being posted. We still encourage candidates to apply for a position with this listed.