Cross registrants from Harvard University and Tufts Fletcher School who wish to enroll in HBS Doctoral courses must use to submit an online petition to cross register.

If your petition is approved in my.Harvard, you will receive a message from the HBS Doctoral Programs Office ( with information on how to access the HBS Canvas site.   HBS Canvas is the learning management system used to disseminate the course syllabus and materials. Please allow 2 business days for this email to arrive. Upon arrival, you must follow the steps outlined in this email within 3 days. Please note that the access for this HBS Canvas site is different than the Harvard University Canvas site.

Remember that after your petition has been approved you need to complete the process by enrolling in the course through my.Harvard.

Cross registrants who wish to enroll in a doctoral course as an auditor, are required to complete the process outlined above and then email to confirm your auditor status.

Please note that cross registrants must notify both their home school’s Registrar and the HBS Doctoral Programs Office in the event of any change of status (e.g. dropping a course).