A career in business academia provides you with the opportunity to influence both the educational and corporate sectors. Because most research is grounded in the reality of business, many scholars today see their theories enacted in the practice of business. In addition to writing scholarly publications, business professors work with the top people in a wide variety of fields and can be found advising leaders of industry, collaborating with colleagues on cutting-edge research, and guiding students as well as executives in search of new ideas and practices.

“As my advisors often described to me, if my research question was not interesting enough to hit a newspaper’s front page, then I should not be working on that topic.”

— Maria Loumioti, DBA 2012 Accounting & Management and 
    Assistant Professor, USC Marshall School of business


Most research evolves into published works that are hailed by both academia and popular culture, and many professors assume leadership roles as consultants to and board members of international corporations that define the way our world does business. Academics also work on issues and ideas that affect emerging global markets and infrastructures of national economies.


Although the work is challenging, a career in academia offers great flexibility. It requires that you serve as your own manager—compelling you to be exceptionally disciplined and self-guided, while rewarding you with the freedom to pursue ideas and topics that most interest you.