CEM hosts international conferences in-person and online. Our events in Boston, Mumbai, and Santiago have attracted prominent scholars, archivists, and practitioners in the respective regions.

  • 18-19 MAR 2024
  • Boston, MA

Oral History and Business in the Global South

This two-day conference, organized by Geoff Jones and Tarun Khanna, focused on the intersection of oral history, business, and the Global South, offering a unique space for interdisciplinary discussions.

  • 15 DEC 2023
  • Zoom

Using Oral History in Research

This conference considered the ways oral history including the interviews undertaken by the Creating Emerging Markets project can be used in research. The speakers were Susie Pak (St. John’s), Valeria Giacomin (Bocconi) and Sudev Sheth (Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania).

  • 6 FEB 2023
  • Zoom

Using Oral History in Business and Management Studies

At this online conference, speakers shared their experiences using CEM transcripts and video materials for teaching in different institutional contexts in Europe, India, Latin America and the United States.

  • 28 May 2019
  • Santiago, Chile

Business and Education

This one-day workshop organized by Geoffrey Jones and Richard Elmore and Daniel Gray Wilson from Harvard Graduate School of Education brought together leading business practitioners to discuss the role of business in the provision of education in Chile. Hosted at the Santiago office of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, the findings of the CEM project provided a global framework to discuss the present and future role of business philanthropy in Chile, and the type of education which should be supported.

  • 09-10 MAY 2019
  • Boston, MA

Seeking the Unconventional in Forging Histories of Capitalism

This one-day workshop brought together scholars in the fields of history, anthropology, economics, and management to explore unconventional techniques, sources, and topics that are at the forefront of current historical research on the historical evolution of capitalism. Speakers identified the pressing need to generate new repositories of primary data in the current age of digital media and audio-visual technologies. A Panel was devoted to showing how the CEM database was generating new insights into entrepreneurship, economic growth, and the impact of market liberalizations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

  • 13-14 FEB 2017
  • Mumbai, India

Creating Emerging Markets: Lessons from History

The Harvard Business School Creating Emerging Markets project (CEM), in collaboration with the HBS India Research Center (IRC), hosted a two-day conference titled, “Creating Emerging Markets: Lessons from History” on February 13-14 in Mumbai.

  • 15 JUL 2016
  • Santiago, Chile

Capturing Contemporary Latin American Business History: Oral History & Digital Resources

The Capturing Contemporary Latin American Business History: Oral History and Digital Resources conference was held in Santiago, Chile, on July 15, 2016. The full-day event was focused on how the new materials generated by the Creating Emerging Markets project could transform research and teaching in management studies and business history in Latin America.

  • 14 JUL 2016
  • Mumbai, India

Oral History, Business History, and Business Archives in India

This one-day conference held at the Harvard Business School India Research Center in Mumbai brought together business historians, business archivists, and business practitioners to discuss the role of oral history in the growth of business history in India.

  • OCT 30 2015
  • Boston, MA

The Business History of India & South Asia: Recent Trends in Research

This one-day conference brought together leading scholars from Asia, Europe, and the United States to discuss the latest research on the evolution of business in South Asia.