• OCT 2019
  • Working Paper
  • Faculty Research

Why Does Business Invest in Education in Emerging Markets? Why Does it Matter?

By: Valeria Giacomin, G. Jones and Erica Salvaj
  • MAY 2019
  • Article
  • Strategic Management Journal

Machine Learning Approaches to Facial and Text Analysis: Discovering CEO Oral Communication Styles

By: Prithwiraj Choudhury, Dan Wang, Natalie A. Carlson and Tarun Khanna
  • MAR 2019
  • Article
  • Enterprise & Society

Oral History and Writing the Business History of Emerging Markets

By: G. Jones and R. Comunale
  • NOV 2018
  • Article
  • Australian Economic History Review

Business, Governments and Political Risk in South Asia and Latin America since 1970

By: G. Jones and Rachael Comunale
  • NOV 2017
  • Article
  • Strategic Management Journal

Overcoming Institutional Voids: A Reputation-Based View of Long Run Survival

By: Cheng Gao, Tiona Zuzul, Geoffrey Jones and Tarun Khanna
  • FALL 2017
  • Article
  • Business History Review

The Alternative Business History: Business in Emerging Markets

By: Gareth Austin, Carlos Davila and Geoffrey Jones
  • MAR 2017
  • Article
  • Enterprise & Society

Creating Ecotourism in Costa Rica, 1970–2000

By: G. Jones and Andrew Spadafora