Social Innovation Field Projects - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Social Innovation Field Projects

Course Number 6582

Senior Lecturer John J-H Kim
Professor V. Kasturi “Kash” Rangan
Spring; Q3Q4; 3 credits

The class will serve as the central clearing house for all independent projects relating to enterprises that are creating social value, with projects ranging from nonprofits to purpose driven for-profit businesses. This course provides students an opportunity to use the discipline of entrepreneurial management, innovative design thinking as well as business tools and techniques to address social innovation topics that attempt to improve the quality of life of low-income and poor individuals and households anywhere in the world (including USA). The course will also accept projects that attempt to solve a strategic problem for a client organization in the social sector. Topics on education, impact investing, financial technology, among others are all topics which previous teams have worked on. It will be best if you or your team has a project description, however fluid, before the start of the first class; but there will be a small number of projects made available by the faculty for those who do not have a readily available project. The course pre-requisite will be enrollment in one of the HBS social enterprise courses.

NOTE ALSO: BECAUSE THIS COURSE HAS MANY CHARACTERISTICS OF AN INDEPENDENT STUDY, THIS CLASS, COUNTS TOWARD THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF IP CREDITS A STUDENT CAN RECEIVE. Thus if the rule is that you can do three IPs in your EC year for 9 credits, if you take FC: Social Innovation Field Projects you can only do a maximum of two other IPs (6 credits total).