Transforming Education through Social Entrepreneurship - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Transforming Education through Social Entrepreneurship (formerly Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovations in Education)

Course Number 1602

Senior Lecturer John J-H Kim
Fall; Q1Q2; 3 credits
28 Sessions

Course Content and Overview

With prosperity and life outcomes closely linked to educational attainment levels, there recently has been a surge of social entrepreneurs starting and building businesses that can change the life trajectory of students, especially those from low-income communities, while building successful enterprises. They are applying disruptive models and technology innovations supported by a growing number of impact investors and partners to reimagine how more than $6 Trillion are spent in education globally. The course focuses on how social entrepreneurs are adapting the disciplines of entrepreneurship as well as management tools and techniques to deliver “pattern-breaking” change that can be scaled and sustained. This course will help students in preparing to be a founder/leader, investor, or board member. This course will also enable students to become effective non-profit leaders/members equipped with an understanding of what works in education, different parts of the sector (e.g., K-12, Higher Ed, education non-profits, etc.), various markets (e.g., US, China, India, etc.), and the interplay of business and government. Many of the sessions will have visits from case protagonists. No prior experience in education is required.